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Ang Ladlad Party-list
2010 Senatorial Candidate

Several weekends ago, I visited a college and talked to their students. They usually ask me about communication and the art of writing. If not that, then they ask me to give a talk on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights and issues.

I always like talking to young people because they are so vibrant. They ask so many questions and that is good, because they want to know the answers as well. I think it is this casual impertinence and insatiable curiosity that are the hallmarks of the young and the restless. And it is these qualities that might fuel the so-called youth vote that all presidentiables are now angling for. This reminds me of a small run-in with a presidential wannabe in 2010, a man who loves to shoot his mouth off without knowing the facts and figures at hand. With imaginary poise, he told me breathlessly: “Professor Remoto, there is no such thing as a youth vote. They would rather go to Starbucks or watc…

The Katrina Halili-Hayden Kho sex video scandal

I really thought that I was not going to comment on this issue; especially since those involved come from showbiz, an industry that is notorious for fabricating stories about its denizens just to keep them in the public eye. This whole “scandal” may very well be just another one of those well-crafted publicity stunts such that commenting on the whole thing might prove futile in the end. But as things stand, the story has now caught the nation’s undivided attention and is being used by various parties including several government agencies and politicians to earn them media mileage as well. Let us not forget that it is an election year after all. What I cannot personally stand are the moralistic and medical discourses being voiced out by these public personages, which are ultimately anti-sex and therefore anti-people, something that I feel we must all guard against.

How it all started

Not too long ago, rumors started circulating about the existence of a sex tape involving Katrina Halili a…

Shame on you, Abner Afuang!

(photo courtesy of

(photos courtesy of

Apparently a retired colonel, Abner Afuang, driven by a sudden pang of anger, doused water on Hayden Kho amidst the senate hearing yesterday when Kho and Katrina Halili were face to face. Orders to arrest Afuang were immediate. When interviewed, Afuang stated he lost hold of himself, was abruptly irritated upon seeing Kho, and was ANGRY at Kho as he had watched his sex video with Halili, further commenting it was good he did not hit Kho and just poured water instead. Shame on you, Afuang!


As for me, I feel for Kho. He is judged TOO MUCH by practically everybody. His Mom, Irene Kho, recently went on air to express disgust over sensationalizing the scandal, naming Lolit Solis as the primary orchestrator of Katrina's moves to expose the issue. The mother is so affected, and the father has suffered a mild stroke because of the humiliation.

Yes, Hayden may be guilty. He is having his…

Growing Gayspeak 2

Here is the second list of new (relatively) Pinoy gay words. The first list may be seen here. And as always, your contribution is greatly appreciated.


Noranian- drug addict
"Ang payat ni Kim Chiu 'no? Noranian na rin siguro?"

Chanda Romero - stomach, especially pot belly
"Ang lakas naman ng loob mo mag body fit bakla, tingnan mo nga 'yan, may special participation si Chanda Romero!"

Purissima - broke, penniless
"Babe, wala muna load this week ha? Purissima ako e."

Constructicons - male construction workers, usually willing to have sex with gay men
"Bakla, spell tigang? Saan ba ang pinalamalapit na tinatatayong gusali at makipagtagisan ako ng lakas sa mga Constructicons?"

Markova - an old (but still fabulous) drag queen
"In ten years, bakla, bilanging mo. Si Mama Ricky Reyes Markova na 'yan!"

DVD Commentary - annoying people who have a habit of talking inside movie houses
"Grabe siya o! Talagang tinatalak niya 'yung nangy…

You will still make it, Adam! :)

Adam Lambert

Kris Allen

Much to my frustration, it was Kris Allen who won American Idol Season 8. All the while, I thought Adam Lambert would make it first to the finish line.

I'm not saying that Kris Allen does not deserve it. However, I was hoping that some "gay" deserving singer would finally be declared American Idol, for once. The same frustration enveloped me when Cook outshined Archuleta in Season 7.

Why is it that American Idol seems to choose the evidently straight guy over the pink guy? JUST ASKING. Here's to hoping that indeed there is no stereotyping involved in this race. Worthy members of the LGBTQ community deserve to dominate the limelight too!

My consolation, though, is that the resounding success of Archuleta in his career would imply that Lambert, although only declared runner up, could still also go a long way to make it big. So take it away, Adam! :)

Book Review: Reinventing the Male Homosexual

Book Review on American Communication Professor Robert Alan Brookey's book "Reinventing the Male Homosexual: The Rhetoric and Power of the Gay Gene". This post was written by RBP team member line of flight from Sampaloc Toc.

Robert Alan Brookey is an American Professor of Communications at Arizona State University. He wrote Reinventing the Male Homosexual: The Rhetoric and Power of the Gay Gene.

I was just beginning to blossom when LeVay came out with his theory of neuroendocrinological basis for heterosexual and homosexual difference and when Hamer came out with his theory of the gay gene. As an adolescent, the gay gene theory seemed to fit so perfectly into the idea that homosexuality is inborn and that I had no choice in the matter.

Yet, as I went through college and graduate school, it became clear that the gay gene theory would not work. The consequences of it are highly problematic. Is there a gene that predisposes someone to watching May Bukas Pa or Wowowee? Doubt it…

IDAHO 2009: One Voice, One Message, Heard Around the World.

Finally, hear people from all over the world saying how proud they are no matter what their gender identity is. :)

You should be proud too!

Please watch this video, rate it and comment on youtube, post this to your social network profiles or spread it to all your friends and help support the fight against HOMOPHOBIA:

Me...a chinito guy...and the elevator....

Me...a chinito guy...and the elevator....

May 13, 2009

I had the weirdest, yet most "kilig", experience inside an elevator last night. And so a country mile...this was my most memorable one.

I don't even know if I should be writing something about this. But I just couldn't help it! I know that I need to! Otherwise...I'll get a mental breakdown.

I think I've already mentioned before that MCEC "has transferred to the vacant office next to ours." And it's pretty much adjacent to the elevators.

I went home a little late last night, at around 7:10 PM or something. As I swiped my ID to the sensor and opened the door, I pulled out my phone and hit the speed dial to inform my driver that I was gonna be descending already. Yes, fine...I know. I wasn't able to keep up to my word. I wasn't able to dispose of my driver. My mama feels like it's a necessity for me. Then, so be …

Book Review: No Future

Book Review on American English Professor Lee Edelman's book "No Future". This post was written by RBP team member line of flight from Sampaloc Toc.

Be forewarned, I really didn't like American Professor of English Lee Edelman's No Future: Queer Theory and the Death Drive (of Tufts University). He reduces the symbol of the "child" to "the linchpin of our universal politics of 'reproductive futurism.'"

I found Lauren Berlant's classic Queen of America Goes to Washington City to be spot on in many instances and if you're interested in how popular American culture utilizes the symbol of the child for neocon propaganda, read her book. She predicted through her analysis of Forest Gump, George Bush II's election. If neocons could they would elect a fetus as president and Dick Cheney as vice president. And they got close with George Bush II.

I am not into fetishizing children in an intellectual way or otherwise. Children are children…

Gaybash @ the Santa Cruzan

Bihira akong magblog during office hours, pero natigilan ako ng nabsa ko ang headline na ito sa Yahoo News:

Church officials blast gays participating in Santa Cruzan

Haay... heto na naman po kami...

For everyone's benefit, I'm posting the entire article here:

MANILA, Philippines – Two Church officials have expressed distraught
over reports of an increasing number of gays who participate in Santa Cruzan

According to Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales,
homosexuals should give proper respect to the traditional religious

In an interview with the Church-run Radio Veritas, Rosales said
members of the third sex should avoid practicing "runaway devotion," in which
they show the pageantry and grandeur instead of the religious aspect of the

"Hindi mo na mailulong sa ispiritwalidad yung malalim na hiwaga,
malalim na kabanalan ng birheng Maria, kung minsan nanaig ang karangyaan, yung
pagapakitang tao, pagpapasikat, ito ang dapat na matulungan ng simbahan p…

Book Review: In a Queer Time and Place

Book Review on American English Professor Judith Halberstam's book "In a Queer Time and Place". This post was written by RBP team member line of flight from Sampaloc Toc.

Judith Halberstam is an American Professor of English and also has written Female Masculinity and The Drag King Book. In A Queer Time and Place discusses a number of topics involving sexuality and queer subjects. One of the topics of her book that I found interesting related to her discussion of metronormativity.

Halberstam takes Michael Warner's heteronormativity (Fear of A Queer Planet) and reshapes it to describe the "normalizing" of urban sexual identities while abnormalizing rural sexual practices and identities. She takes the stories of several tragic FTM transgenders, like Brandon Teena to show how urban LGBT identities have allied with urbanism to create the belief that rural = homophobic. Halberstam shows how the movie Boys Don't Cry ended up changing Brandon Teena's story i…

Take the IDAHO Challenge!

Help fight homophobia and transphobia! Take up the IDAHO Challenge! Let's create a video that will send out our message to the world in many languages and one voice - "to show everyone that people like us exist in every country, in every society, in every corner of the world." Video will be released on the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO), May 17, 2009.

Record your video in two ways: Option 1: Join Task Force Pride (TFP) on Friday May 8, 2009 at Remedios Circle, Malate (if it rains, venue @ BED Malate) at 11:30pm. Visit taskforcepride. blogspot. com for more details. Option 2: Submit your video online at by May 10, 2009. For more information about:
- IDAHO and sample videos, visit TFP, visit taskforcepride. blogspot. com > About Us- BED Malate location, visit ph > Directions

Lesbian Acoustic Night @ Magnet Katipunan this Monday

Stressed in summer? Depressed with the rain?

Here's something to cheer for:

Lesbian Monday Nights 3:
Slow Down 2

Acoustic Night


Pow Chavez
3rd String
Midnight Vaginas
Flush and the Toilets

Magnet Katipunan.
Monday. May 11. 8.30 pm onwards.
Php 150 with free beer

Type rest of the post here

Outrage Magazine Features Rainbow Bloggers Philippines

After a series of emails with Mikee dela Cruz, Outrage Magazine's May 2009 Issue features RBP in an article entitled: "Rainbow Bloggers Philippines: Empowered By Words"

The interview was not personally done, but the answers were coordinated via the e-group and constant YM conversations with RBP members and was consolidated before being sent as an official response to Outrage's interview questions.

Now a “one-stop resource for Filipino GLBTQIA bloggers and readers who want to learn more about the GLBTQIA people in the Philippines,” RBP is proving to be an effective tool in empowering Filipino GLBTQIAs. “We are building an atmosphere of friendship and self-actualization, where the members get to know and understand the life of his/her fellow GLBTQIA people, and reflect on the learning that he/she incurred and incorporate it in his/her life,”- Quoting from the Article. This is how we envision RBP and how it can serve the society.

Feel free to visit this link:

One guy One Cup

This is gonna be youtube's next sensation. I bet it has more hits than Susan Boyle. Aside from this is the Next Big Thing, you may upload your reaction in youtube too and your reaction might the second to this Next Big Thang. Enjoy the video.

Warning: Not for the faint hearted.

I forgot how to upload the vid directly so sorry if you have to click on the link.

REVIEW: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

WARNING: This entry contains spoilers.

NOTE: Originally posted here. I edited this entry and updated some info. I also took out screencaps that are NSFW to avoid any shit. But if you wanna see them (especially the screencaps of Hugh Jackman's ass) do check out the original review in my blog.

It's really gearing up to be the season's blockbuster what with malls allocating multiple cinemas to its screening. And since it came out there's been a lot of feedback pouring in about it; most of them are raves.

I do hope the editorial board don't mind my re-post coz I wanna share an alternative view on the movie of the season.

Personally, I felt like it was a big pppffffffffffffffffttttttttttttttt.

Like most people I was REALLY looking forward to seeing it. I didn't read any literature about the story so I won't be prejudiced when I see the movie. But STILL, it failed to WOW me.

The only things I loved about it are:

1. The few glimpses of Hugh Jackman's ass. (photo post…