You will still make it, Adam! :)

Adam Lambert

Kris Allen

Much to my frustration, it was Kris Allen who won American Idol Season 8. All the while, I thought Adam Lambert would make it first to the finish line.

I'm not saying that Kris Allen does not deserve it. However, I was hoping that some "gay" deserving singer would finally be declared American Idol, for once. The same frustration enveloped me when Cook outshined Archuleta in Season 7.

Why is it that American Idol seems to choose the evidently straight guy over the pink guy? JUST ASKING. Here's to hoping that indeed there is no stereotyping involved in this race. Worthy members of the LGBTQ community deserve to dominate the limelight too!

My consolation, though, is that the resounding success of Archuleta in his career would imply that Lambert, although only declared runner up, could still also go a long way to make it big. So take it away, Adam! :)

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Oliver said...

While I also share your sentiments about Adam not winning, I absolutely feel that comparing the Kris-Adam scenario vs Cook-Archuleta is rather unfair and pinning this to America's homophobia is rather unfair.

1. Cookie is definitely a better singer than Archie. Hands down. And week after week in season 7, he's been constantly stepping up his performance.

2. I wouldn't attribute Cook's win to homophobia. Cook definitely has TALENT and totally deserves the title (at least in my opinion)

3. In Adam's case, he's the Cook of season 8, with amazing performances every season. Kris, is definitely the Archie of this season, a fair singer, not TOTALLY mindblowing as a performer, but is really cute and relateable vs Adam who obviously is very talented but may not be appealing to the mass market (what with his eccentric taste and the gay 'rumor')

4. unlike the Cookie-Archuleta scenario, Kris' win was something really disappointing for me. I mean, Adam is the obvious winner, even Kris says so. It's a win, i fel, that Kris won more over charm than talent.

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