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I am asking all Filipino lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and supporters to please vote Ang Ladlad Partylist. We are number 89 in the ballot.

Let us show the power of the pink vote!

STUDYWORK-ABROAD.COM Expo will give away 10 million pesos worth of international scholarships!

STUDYWORK-ABROAD.COM is giving away 10 million pesos worth of international scholarships this 2010

Going abroad to pursue international education is now more accessible & affordable thanks to STUDYWORK-ABROAD.COM.

IL Institute STUDYWORK-ABROAD.COM, in collaboration with top universities from USA-CANADA-AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND-UK, is offering over 10 million pesos worth of scholarships to deserving Filipinos this 2010.

True to its GLOBAL CAREER, AFFORDABLE ACCESS commitment , STUDYWORK-ABROAD.COM has partnered with universities such as Durham College, Centennial College from Canada; National Technology Institute from New Zealand; Devry University from the USA; and Edinburgh Telford College, Motherwell College and Queen Margaret University from the UK.

“IL Institute STUDYWORK-ABROAD.COM’s long-term vision has always been to provide globalized education and student support services. Through STUDYWORK-ABROAD.COM, the great Filipino dream to go abroad & better their lives is now mor…

A firm stand on RELATIONSHIPS

What is in a romantic relationship but a plain and simple intertwining of two hearts? It is a UNION of two people who LOVE each other and who AGREE to COMMIT to each other. It is MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING and, therefore, takes TWO to make it live.

With the "union" comes commitment, with commitment comes responsibility, and with responsibility comes EXCLUSIVITY. For what is love without effort? Responsibility means, when you enter a relationship, new "duties" emerge, big or small, in pursuit of the goal to make each other feel loved and treasured. There is now the responsibility for BOTH to assure his Love that HE BELONGS. "Belonging" implies security, and security implies the assurance that it's just the two of you and no other person stands in your way to each other. There are adjustments, and there is sacrificing a bit of freedom that one had when he was still alone, simply because, it's the two of you now.

Things need not be too complicated. The relat…

Philippine government must apologize and start giving back to the Filipino transsexual community

Today, I came across news related to a story that came out in early January about Filipino transsexual women entering Japan with fake passports bearing the identity of non-trans women from the Philippines to marry Japanese men with whom they have had long-term relationships. You can read the news item here or below:

Philippine transsexuals nabbed for illegally entering Japan

Three Philippine nationals have been arrested in western Japan for entering the country on forged women's passports after undergoing sex change operations, local media reported on Tuesday.

The three had the illegal passports made by forgers in the Philippines using women's identification so that they could live in Japan as the "wives" of Japanese men they had met, Kyodo News said.

While working at nightclubs in Fukuoka, they secured spouse visas from local authorities, said Kyodo and other news reports, quoting local immigration authorities.

They were quoted as telling investigators they wanted to liv…


Ang sigaw ng mga bakla, lesbiyana, bisekswal at transgender ng Pilipinas:

A Day With Rica Paras

In celebration of International Women's Day, STRAP is holding a Day With Rica Paras, the first transpinay on the hit reality TV show, Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) at the University of the Philippines Diliman Gender Office (UPDGO) this coming Thursday. See poster below. Hope to see you there!

It's not's me.

A popular line of ASSHOLES who initiate a breakup or a popular answer you get when you confront some SWINE who suddenly goes silent and gets lost without even expressing intentions of closure.

"It's not you, it's me."

Question: Why say that? Do you think it helps? Why not say on my face that you want to get rid of me? You play culprit but you effect the same thing => HURT.

Obviously, the purpose that line is to somehow "ease" the pain of the poor guy who still wants you; the guy who didn't understand why you left and who couldn't figure out what he did that made you scram. It is always said on the excuse that one has a "deeper problem" than what seems to be on the surface, something one has to resolve himself, or something he has to take care of which is FIRST in his line of priorities. It may be indecision or any other self-crisis. That is the facade the line usually creates.

Does it make a difference? Why not be man enough? Speak your tru…