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This Pride Month, STRAP tries to do the impossible

With just two weeks before June (Pride Month) ends, our beloved sorority, STRAP, decided to increase our fans on Facebook. The STRAP girls who have Facebook accounts (I don't) made profile pictures of themselves with the STRAP logo (see above) and encouraged all their friends to like STRAP's fan page. It was really sweet and I appreciate all the girls who took part in this mini-project. My lovely ladies, you rock!

I do not think that we'd be able to reach our target of having 1000 fans by June 30th. At any rate, it was truly a valiant effort. Still, we have four days to go. So just in case you love STRAP as we all do, please be our fan on Facebook. Also, tell all your friends? Thank you so much.

Just in case, you can see the STRAP Facebook Fan Page here. Happy Pride Month to all!

Civil Service Commission (CSC) memorandum on LGBT applicants

It is very heartwarming to note that the 110-year old Civil Service Commission (CSC) of the Philippines made history in late May when it became the first government agency to acknowledge Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Filipinos particularly those who apply for the Civil Service Examination and explicitly ban any form of discrimination in the handling, verifying and processing of their applications based on gender identity and sexual orientation. The internal memo circulated through all 15 regional offices of the CSC and cascaded to the more than 1 million employees of the Commission can be viewed here.

Certainly this memo is ground-breaking and deserves all the praise it can get. It is not only a step in the right direction in the government's promotion of gender equality but as well as of human rights. In a nutshell, the memo affirms the Constitutional principle that all people deserve equal protection in law including in the access of public services. LGBT applicant…

Top 10 tips kung pano magpa-MEN

I received this text message today and thought of rather sharing it here. It makes sense. :))

Magpa-borta ng katawan. Para hard.Wag masyadong high-fashion ang damit. T-shirt, jeans o chinos at sneakers lang ayos na. Bawal din ung mga fashionistang bag. Dapat gym bag o backpack lang.Wag makapal mag-pulbo. Sa T-zone (forhead, nose, chin) at leeg lang dapat.Wag mag foundation, concealer, lip gloss, lipstick, eyeliner, at blush-on.Iwasan ang pagkanta ng mga songs nila Regine, Mariah, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, PCD, etc. Mag-shift sa rock, alternative, at boyband songs.Relax lang dapat ang lakad. OK rin pag medyo siga. Wag mag-catwalk.Pag may tumatawag sayo ng Sis, Gurl, Bex, Beki, Bading, Mader, Mudra, etc., WAG KANG LILINGON.Bawal mag-pout.Bawal bumeso. At higit sa lahat,BAWAL TUMILI.
O, diba, ang hirap magpa-MEN! Kasi halos lahat ginagawa mo! Wakokokokok! GO GERL! :))