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As I was migrating to a new PC in the office, I came across one file that I saved maybe 2 years ago, back when I started blogging. I lifted this from a blog entitled "Confessions of a Dirty Good Boy," ( authored by "Boy de Jour," who claims to be a first-class you-know-what (I can't say the term).

To put it, I found this article VERY DISTURBING, as this lays out the reality behind the techniques that "hustlers" use to manipulate gays. The more disturbed I got when I found out that these were the very strategies that I experienced from some "men" way back in my early awakening days of being gay. On the other hand, I would like to commend the author, Boy de Jour, for writing this down and publishing it online. This is a wide eye-opener for gays who are new in the trade, or for those who keep their eyes closed despite obvious experiences of manipulation.

So, here you go, the article.

Everybody has a gay. Be it a …

Philippines is All-Set to Compete at the 2011 Mr. Gay World in Manila

Manila, Philippines – The 5’8” tall, registered nurse, Marc Ernest Biala is all set for the big day of his life as he competes with other gay men representatives in the 2011 Mr. Gay World on March 13 at Club Mwah, (one of the most outstanding theater-clubs in Asia) in the Tiger City of Mandaluyong. The momentous event will be hosted by Philippine King of Talk Boy Abunda along with one of the country’s top models Wilma Doesnt and 2005 Miss International Precious Lara Quigaman.
Biala is one gay man, who is an inspiring individual to young gay men and is determined to make a 'difference' and be an effective spokesperson for oth er Filipino gay men in the country. He is a magna cum laude graduate from St. Mary’s College in Tagum City, Davao del Norte. He is currently finishing his Masters of Science in Nursing and is writing his thesis focusing on family caregivers for the mentally-ill patients and is a candidate for another magna cum laude award . He also authored a nursing referen…