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LOS ANGELES The Screen Actors Guild officially stands opposed to
the California ballot initiative that would ban same-sex marriage.

After weeks of being criticized for not contributing enough to defeat
Proposition 8, members of the film-TV industries have recently stepped
up their contributions financial and otherwise to fight
Proposition 8, and on Tuesday a union committee voted to oppose the

"No actor should have to disclose his or her sexual preference in order
to get health and retirement benefits," said SAG Chairwoman Anne-Marie
Johnson. "Being legally married means everyone is treated the same. It's
important that we take a stand to protect all actors from discriminatory
hiring practices and provide same-sex couples access to benefits."

SAG said the organization does not endorse political candidates, but the
actors union often takes positions on ballot initiatives. The union's
Colorado branch previously announced it is opposing Amendment 47, a

Catch "The Love of Siam" extended run on Cinemanila 2008

"The Love of Siam," a romantic drama from Thailand that has been all abuzz because of an element of gay love in its plot, was shown in the Philippines through Cinemanila 2008. The movie was controversial in its home country not because of its storyline, rather because it was marketed as "a straight movie." Nevertheless, this film is Thailand's official entry to the 81st Academy Awards for Best Foreign-Language Film. Meanwhile, Mario Maurer was awarded as Best Actor in Cinemanila's Southeast Asian Film category.

If you have missed its Philippine run, just like I did, don't fret because screenings of Cinemanila winning films has just been extended.

Catch "The Love of Siam" on the following dates on Gateway Cineplex in Araneta Center, Quezon City:

October 23, 9:00 p.m. at Cinema 7
October 25, 9:00 p.m. at Cinema 2
October 26, 9:00 p.m. at Cinema 4
October 27, 8:30 p.m. at Cinema 2
October 28, 8:30 p.m. at Cinema 4
and October 29, 9:00 p.m. at Cinema 3

Fright Night, Pride Night:2008 Halloween Costume Party Competition

Trick or treat? Spooky or Spunky? Darna or Valentina?
Circle of Friends, a non-profit, non-government organization, in cooperation with Task Force Pride, Fahrenheit and Queerosity bring to you the gayest (or the butch-est) Halloween Party of 2008. It’s happening on October 31, 2008 at the Circle of Friend’s Headquarters, 683 A. Bonifacio Ave., Quezon City.
Everyone’s invited. Masquerade as your favorite superhero, villain, goblin, ghost & ghouls and get the chance to win a brand new Nokia 5310 ExpressMusic, Ultra-slim camphone. Heavenly food and sinful drinks will be served, while wacky live entertainment will be showcased.
To register or inquire, contact Jay at 0915.5977716 or email Circle of Friends at
Click here for Location Map

Justice for Jenifer Bidoya

Fellow beckies, nabasa nyo na ba ang kay Jenifer Bidoya?

Also known as Venacio Bidoya, sya itong gay OFW na pinugutan ng ulo sa Saudi Arabia after being convicted of killing his Arabian employer.

When ang issue ay inattempt nya lang i-defend ang kanyang sarili habang ginagang-rape sya ng mga Saudis.

Naiyak ako nung nalaman ko 'to.

Nagalit ako nung nalaman kong walang ginawa ang gubyerno.

Mas lalo akong nanggalaiti nung nabasa kong sinabihan pala ng DFA ang pamilya ni Jenifer na manahimik na lang para mas umayos daw ang kaso.

Ayun, tsinugs ang isang kapwa beckie ng walang kalaban-laban. Ng walang hustisya.

Group: RP govt liable for 'neglect' of Bidoya's case
10/19/2008 | 12:14 PM
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MANILA, Philippines - An organization of overseas Filipino workers (OFW) based in the Middle East claims that officials from MalacaƱang and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) could be held criminally liable for the death of Venan…

Beckies: Join the October 15 Blog Action Day

Wag nang magpatumptik-tumpik pa. Don't slack.

Sapagkat ang kahirapan ay isyu rin nating mga bakla.

Dahil hindi lahat ng bakla me pera.

Hindi lahat ng bakla kumakain ng tatlong beses isang araw.

Hindi lahat ng bakla dinedeadma ang isyu ng kahirapan.

Fellow Pinoy Rainbow Bloggers, attack tayo sa Blog Action Day on Poverty.

Alamin at maki-alam.

Dahil walang ma at pa sa ating mga beckies.


Dear Becky: I'm Gay, but Girls Like Me

Dear Becky,

I know this is quite a weird problem. You see, I'm gay and I haven't been successful in having a boyfriend. However, I have been encountering girls and they have expressed they like me but I only look at them as just friends.

It started back in high school. I had a female friend whom I have been buddies with since Grade 3, and even back then she knew I was gay. But during our high school years she tried to flirt with me. I didn't get aroused or anything, I thought it was her "adolescence" acting up. Then during our college years, when we haven't been seeing each other personally, she told me over the phone that she liked me. I was shocked, but I told her that she is like a sister to me. I thought I broke her heart, but what can I do? I cannot pretend to be straight.

During college, I also met some female friends who have expressed their liking for me. First was a Filipino-Chinese who even sent a note to me with lyrics of "When I Fall i…

Ang Tupang Rosas: Ang Manifesto ko Bilang Bakla at Katoliko

Isang Katolikong bakla at manunulat ang naglakas-loob na ipaliwanag ang kaniyang kasarian sa liwanag ng pananampalataya.

Nitong mga nagdaang buwan, halos napadalas ang aking pagdulog sa kumpisalan, lalo na’t damang-dama ko ang esensiya ng Semana Santa. Minsan ko nang nakaengkuwentro ang masungit na pari, at nagulat ako sa galit at hindi maipaliwanag na pagmamadali na naranasan ko sa una kong pagkukumpisal sa kaniya: May pagnanais na halughugin ang aking kaluoban, may nasang yugyugin ang pagkatao ng pumapasok sa kumpesyunaryo hanggang maubos ang mga salang ipinadirinig mula sa nipis ng belong pagitan. Matapos nang paglilitanya ng mga nadamang sala sa loob ng mga araw na sumunod matapos ang pinakahuling kumpisal, nag-usisa pa siya. Ano pa? Ano pa? Ngunit sa pagkakataong iyo’y may pagkapagal siya. Kagyat niyang tinapos ang kumpisal ng panghuling panalangin at absolusyon. Nagpaantanda’t nagpadasal ng sampung Ama Namin, Aba Ginoong Maria at Luwalhati sa utos na pagbisita sa Banal na…

Rainbow Finds: Balitang Virgin Island

"Rainbow Finds" aims to feature blogs and sites authored by gay Filipinos. Yes, they are not necessarily members of Rainbow Bloggers Philippines, pero welcome na welcome silang mag-join sa federasyon!

In this episode, Empress Maruja has stumbled upon a video blog hosted by a sassy YouTuber named Qarla entitled "Balitang Virgin Island," a fan-made news update on Survivor Philippines.

A proud Ilocana from Cauayan City, Isabele (not Tondo as previously mentioned), Qarla is the host of a three-woman production behind Balitang Virgin Island. The sassy host provides an amusing take on the country's hottest reality show that has even gotten the attention of some of Survivor Philippines producers.

Watch more episodes of Balitang Virgin Island on YouTube!

Do you know any sites that deserve to be featured in Rainbow Finds? Simply leave a comment and state your case.

First Hand


48 million years ago, our super duper great grand gay lolas struggled about their sexuality and existence in our society.

Maswerte tayo ngayon that those existed ahead of us has paved the way and made it easier for us to live our life as gays.


Judging from where we are now, malayo na talaga ang narating natin. We've evolved not just one kind but of many classes, types, looks and even preferences.
Nakibagay na rin sa globalisation trend ang pagiging gay.



Sadly, in many parts of the world, being gay is still a taboo.

Our gay brothers and sisters do not have the 'freedom' and 'leniency' that we experience from where we are.

Not all countries accept our existence or who we are, especially in the islamic culture. Kawawa pa rin yung mga kapatid natin na nanduon. Hindi lang discrimination but also homophobia.


During my recent vacation in one of the most beautiful resorts in our country, my friends and I experienced homophobia first hand.

I think …

Online Conference on October 4, 7p.m.

Dear Rainbow Bloggers,

We would like to invite you for an Online Meeting on Saturday, October 4, 2008, at exactly 7:00pm (RP time). Please add my YM ID: raff_aquino. If you have Kiks, Mrs. Jay, Kiel & Lyka's YM ID, join na rin kayo.


Minutes of Previous Meeting
Article Postings
Website Lay-Out
Official Logo

We are hoping for your kind cooperation..

Mwah to all... Chup!