LOS ANGELES The Screen Actors Guild officially stands opposed to
the California ballot initiative that would ban same-sex marriage.

After weeks of being criticized for not contributing enough to defeat
Proposition 8, members of the film-TV industries have recently stepped
up their contributions financial and otherwise to fight
Proposition 8, and on Tuesday a union committee voted to oppose the

"No actor should have to disclose his or her sexual preference in order
to get health and retirement benefits," said SAG Chairwoman Anne-Marie
Johnson. "Being legally married means everyone is treated the same. It's
important that we take a stand to protect all actors from discriminatory
hiring practices and provide same-sex couples access to benefits."

SAG said the organization does not endorse political candidates, but the
actors union often takes positions on ballot initiatives. The union's
Colorado branch previously announced it is opposing Amendment 47, a
right-to-work measure on the state's November ballot which would bar
unions from requiring nonunion workers to pay dues.

In the last two weeks, several SAG members have personally donated money
to defeat Proposition 8, according to state fundraising records,
including: "Two and a Half Men" actor Jon Cryer ($10,000); "Bones"
actress Emily Deschanel ($2,000); "The New Adventures of Old Christine"
actress Wanda Sykes ($3,500) and "In Plain Sight" actress Mary McCormack

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...personally this is not for me...i don't know i just think na being us is already enough and its something na i think hindi na necessary coz its all about COMMITMENT!

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Yoshke said...

personally, well, i dont believe in marriage. haha. it's romantic, aright, but i dont know. don't like it. (why do i sound so cynical?)

but i think it's just about time that all of us respect others' sexual preferences. and the best way to show this is to allow same sex marriages.

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