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For the young gay guys who know who they are and know what they want, maybe charing lang (not really)!

But when you grow up, there would be a time when you look for successful people out there - who inspires you, whom you'd like to imitate or idolize, and maybe pattern your life with. And being gay, it is perfectly normal to look for positive gay role models, and not just Gloria, Margie or Ruffa.

So we need gay heroes of our times (not like Zsa Zsa Zathurna!)

The questions are - Do we have one? Or do we have enough to choose from? Do we even have positive gay role models in the media, public office, television, or in various fields of profession? Those who have success stories and worthy of emulation?

But of course, meron naman! There would be heaps, it is just we don't know them or they don't want to be known as gays!

And so we have the prominent Renee Salud, Ricky Reyes, Boy Abunda, who are openly gay and successful in their fields. But do all gay guys want to …

Dear Becky: Adik ang Boyfriend Ko sa G4M

Dear Becky,

Sumulat ako sa inyo dahil may problema po ako sa aking boyfriend. Tawagin niyo na lang po akong Roger, 22 years old at isang aspiring filmmaker. Tatlong taon na ang relasyon namin ni Sam, 21 years old at nakikitira sa aking apartment. Pareho kami ng pamantasang pinagmulan.

Last year kasi, napansin kong nagba-browse siya sa aming computer ng Isa po siyang website para sa mga lalakeng gay at bisexual na makahanap ng mga kaibigan o karelasyon. Tinanong ko kung para saan ang paghahanap niya sa G4M, ang sabi lang niya para lang daw ito sa kanyang research paper. Dahil malaki ang tiwala ko sa kanya, naniwala po ako.

Kaya lang Becky, isang taon na nang nagtapos kami sa pag-aaral at G4M pa rin ang inaatupag niya sa computer. Sinabihan ko siya minsan na matagal-tagal na research naman iyon, pero sabi lang niya wala naman daw masama sa G4M. Sa loob ko kinakabahan ako, lalo na't panay ang pakikipagtext ni Sam na ayaw naman niyang banggitin kung sino ang mga &#…

Greek Gays Protest Against Government Crackdown on Gay Marriage

Dozens of gays and lesbians protested outside of the Greece's Parliament last September 29 against the conservative government's attempt to overturn the country's first same-sex marriages. Protesters waved banners saying "These Weddings Are Valid" and "I Want to Get Married Too" as they gathered in central Athens as the court ruling on the two marriages will be heard this week.

Last June, a lesbian couple and two gay men took advantage of a legal loophole that does not specify gender in civil weddings. The couples exchanged their vows on the tiny Aegean island of Tilos. The marriages drew strong criticism from the Greek Orthodox Church, which officially represents more than 90 percent of the 11 million-strong population. Meanwhile, Greece's top public prosecutor filed a legal suit aiming to overturn the unions.

"We are here because we want equality," said Christina Neofotistou, a 28-year-old designer who were among the protesters. "…

Male Model Sues Gay Mag for Unwanted Attention

(Cross-posted from, with updates added here.)

You may have probably heard about Ben Massing, one of the Random Hot Men in the Empress Maruja blog who has an impressive body and an equally impressive educational background if you ask me. Well, he's on the limelight these past days, and it's not because he did something impressive.

Queerty reported that Massing is suing Genre Magazine and high fashion photographer Rick Day for "bringing him unwanted attention by publishing a 'cruel and vulgar' picture of him nearly in the buff." The model further claimed that the snapshots even included where he lives and "provided viewers an online avenue to reach (him), subjecting him to advances from strangers who solicit him for homosexual sex."

The model and aspiring complained that his photos were published in the March/ April issue of Genre magazine, on a page filled with ads for gay chat lines and sex toys.

"He's not gay," Massing…

Pilipinas, Gay Ka Na Ba?

lifted from Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? (I'm Gay, Got a Problem With That?)

In a column titled Gay Philippines on the Philippine Daily Inquirer (First Posted 06:45:00 09/29/2008), Pompeyo Pedroche, wrote his reaction to a Youngblood Article of Renee Julienne Karunungan of UPLB. I'm not sure how to react to this column article but here are some points that I'd like to clarify with Mr. Pedroche.

On Renee's "outcry" in her article that gays "suffer discrimination... are looked down upon, that obstacles are thrown at them... aren't fully accepted, are seen as immoral, are bashed and treated as freaks," Pedroche says
that he's sure that it was not the Catholic Church that taught Renee that homosexuality is evil.
I agree with Mr. Pedroche that such an idea is "preposterous and ghastly" but I disagree with him when he says that it definitely was not the Catholic Church that put that idea into Renee's head. Like many others out there, I grew u…

Does the Catholic Philippines discriminate gays? Some don't think so.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer published an article for their "Highblood" column, wherein middle-aged readers submit their personal essays about different issues. This week's article is a reaction to a contributor of "Youngblood," a column of PDI for younger essay writers. Pompeyo S. Pedroche, a semi-retired ESL teacher in New Jersey, wrote his contradiction to Renee Julienne Karunungan's statement that gays in the Philippines "suffer discrimination" and "are looked down upon," citing the ruling of Manila's Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales that male homosexuals are disallowed from participating in Santacruzan processions.

According to Mr. Pedroche, "Filipino gays and lesbians are so free, if not spoiled, and organized, in our country. They can hold their own fashion show, they have their own dance and singing groups, they have their Ladlad voice in Congress, and have already created their own gay lingo. So, what discriminatio…


i stumbled upon this post from a FULLMAN (he tacles politics, sexuality AND GAY AGENDA)

i want to share it to all o f you... lalo na sa mga kagaya kong di masyadong aware sa mga ganitong panukala. (panukala talga? may ganun?!)

Yes, it has been languishing in Congress since 1999, and yes, we’re still pushing for it. It ain’t over until it has been passed into law.
The Anti-discrimination bill, filed this term as HB 956 by AKBAYAN Rep. Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel, seeks to prohibit a wide-range of discriminatory policies and practices against Filipino lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBTs). Homophobic groups and politicians (Remember that idiot, Rep. Abante?) have used various tactics to block the bill, from scaring people that the bill is about same-sex marriage - which is patently untrue - to misleading people that it is not needed. What with these media-instigated raids in gay bars taking place, or gay men being victimized by hate crimes, and presumably gay sons or lesbian daug…

Poll: Next Meeting & Other Reminders

when do u want 2 hav our next meetingOctober 3, Friday 7pm ONLINEOctober 3, Friday 7pm Robinsons ManilaOctober 4, Saturday 7pm ONLINEOctober 4, Saturday 7pm Robinsons Manila free pollsAng deadline for voting is until Thursday, 12:00noon. Final confirmation of the Date, Time and Venue will be posted in this Blog.
A. If The ONLINE meeting will have majority of the votes, I would like to request all members to add my YM ID: raff_aquino.
B. If the meeting will be held here in the Philippines, the first option is Robinsons Place Ermita, otherwise, we shall have a better venue if majority of the voters will be asking for a more accessible venue.

If you have other options... Please post it as a comment.... thanks...*********************************************Sumali kayo sa YAHOOGROUP natin:Isa pa, please make sure na kasama kayo sa
para updated kayo via e-mails. *********************************************Para sa mga guston…

Rainbow Eyes . . .

Sa buhay, ang daming tanong. Gaya ng what is LOVE? Ang dami ring pweding sagot ... Gaya ng love is BLIND. Sa tanong na to, pweding isagot ang kantang - LOVE is a many splendored things ... and yet, hindi pa rin fully understood and answered ang tanong na to. Siguro nga Love is a MYSTERY ...
Sa mga bading naman na tulad natin, mas lalong mysterious ang LOVE na to. Love ko ba talaga SIYA? or even Siya na kaya? or Siya na lang ba forever and ever? Kung looking through the eyes of love, baka kailangan nating magsuot ng rainbow colored lenses to know and understand. Nakakaloka ang LOVE na toh. Siguro mas alam natin ang meaning ng LIBOG. Divah? No need to explain! :) .

Lagi na lang si Val

Siya si Val Mante, dating secretary general ng Bagong Alyansang Makabayan.

Bakla. Lagi ko syang nakikita sa mga "theater tours" namin noon.

Noong mga huling taon ng 1990s, bigla syang naglaho sa city. Umakyat pala ng bundok. Sumapi sa New People's Army.

Minsan, nagte-text sya sa akin, naglalambing ng kung ano-ano. Humingi ng three-in-one coffee. Minsan naman, whitening lotion. Noong huli, humingi ng payong. Binalak kong magpadala ng payong na may "Hello Kitty" design. Di ko nagawa.

Isang kaibigan din ang nagdadala ng printouts ng old "Mandaya Moore" posts ko. Pinapasa-pasa ito ng mga bading sa kilusan (kaya nga sila lang ang pag-asa ko para makakuha ng kopya ng old posts ko).

Si Val ay tunay na rebolusyonaryo. Naghasik sya ng sariling rebolusyon sa loob ng rebolusyonaryong kilusan. Ipinangalandakan ang kanyang kabaklaan.

Si Val at ang kanyang partner ang mga salarin sa unang gay marriage sa Communist Party of the Philippines. Sila yung na-front page sa Inqu…

ISIS bid bye bye!

before and after the make over

Americas next top model cycle 11 indeed showed its braveness by yet again including a promising model that would make not just the fashion industry raise another inch in their eye brows but the majority of the society as well. im talking about the girl named "ISIS"

i already posted something about her in my BLOG, so as the show start Tyra really saw a potential in our ate, simula palang ika nga e pasok na pasok siya sa banga!

her best picture, political ad campaign "PRIVACY"
but as the show progress her "condition" ( our ate is not yet fully operated. getz mo?) became a hindrance to her dream and so on its 5th episode, the girls are asked to pose with their eyes only. having to model with your eyes...sabi nga ni tyra:
"smile with your eyes"
with her signature squint for them to imitate and make their own. Judge and photographer Nigel Barker is the man behind the lens. Sadly because of our ate's consciousness with her…

Be a Rainbow Parrot!

(Updated February 3, 2009)

What is a Rainbow Parrot?
Authors of this blog are referred to as Rainbow Parrots. Rainbow Bloggers Philippines doesn't only authorize members to be included in our Rainbow List but also allows them to write and blog here. Each member has an option whether to be a Parrot or just merely a member. The sad news is, Blogspot allows only 100 authors for each blog, therefore there could only be 100 authors for Rainbow Bloggers Philippines.

However, if you did not write anything for six months in this group blog, your author status will then be removed.

Rainbow Parrots Guidelines:

1) LABELS - Rainbow Bloggers Philippines strictly uses seven labels, each representing an aspect of the gay community. Please refer to the following categories in posting your article:
Red: About Us(About RBP)
Orange: LGBT Events/Activities Yellow: LGBT News/Articles Green: Lifestyle Blue: Blogging Indigo: Love and Confessions Violet: Wild Cards

2) POST ORIGINAL CONTENT ONLY - We encourage all …

Bosnia Gay Festival Forced Underground

The organizers of Bosnia's first gay rights festival announced last Thursday that they are moving the event underground the day after participants were attacked by hooligans during the opening ceremony.

Slobodanka Dekic of Association Q, which organized the festival, declared that the event "will no longer be a public event."

"The right people will have the right information about what is happening and where," she added.

Eight people, including two journalists and a policeman, were injured from those attacks.

"We had the guarantees from the mayor and police that there will be no violence... somebody will have to assume the responsibility for what has happened," Dekic said.

Meanwhile, Bosnia's Human Rights Minister Safet Halilovic, Sarajevo mayoress Semiha Borovac and a number of political parties and non-governmental organizations condemned violence by hooligans.

"Attack last night on organizers and visitors of the queer festival is an example of u…

Mayang Bungol

Noong ako’y nakatira pa sa city, puro lantarang bading ang mga barkada ko. Iba’t-iba ang pinanggalingan ng mga miembro ng aming grupo na tinawag naming the Madrigal Sisters—designers, make-up artists, beauticians, office girls at may ilang guro.

Tuwing December, ginagawa namin ang isang party— kasama na dito ang “Madamdaming Gabi ng Parangal” kung saan binibigyan ng award ang mga baklang nagbigay ng “pinakamahusay na pagganap” bilang pangunahin at pangawalang artista. Ito ang taunang pagbibigay-pugay namin sa mga baklang gumawa ng ekandalo, drama, komedya at iba pa.

Ni minsan, di ako nanalo ng award sa patimpalak na ito. Kahit na ang performance ko sa pelikula kong “Lace,” kung saan ako ay pinagsuot ng “lace na panty” ng aking straight na partner dahil turn on daw sya dito, ay tinalo ng pagganap ng isang bakla bilang “deaf-mute” para lamang maawa sa kanya ang taxi driver at pumayag itong magpahada sa kanya. Ang title ng kanyang pelikula ay “Children of a Lesser Gosh.”

Namimigay din kami …

Hooligans Attack Bosnia's First Gay Festival

At least eight people were injured after dozens of hooligans attacked participants of Bosnia's first gay rights festival in capital Sarajevo on Wednesday.

The scuffle happened at the end of the four-day festival's opening ceremony held in front of the Academy of Fine Arts in downtown Sarajevo, with protesters hitting demonstrators--including local journalists--while shouting "kill the gays" and "Allahu Akbar" (a Muslim expression meaning God is Great). A heavy police deployment prevented the clashes from becoming more violent, but anti-gay protesters spread to nearby streets and began attacking random people, even striking the head of a police officer.

About 50 people joined the opening day of the festival, which had been feared of violent attacks. Homophobia overrides the country's usual divisions of its wartime foes--Muslims, Serbs, and Croats. The country's Muslim majority is particularly upset over the festival because it was held during the Mu…

Bakla at Tibo Bloggers, Join na Join sa Gay Pride March 2008

It's that time of the year, mga kafatid, at nagpaparamdam na ang Philippine Gay Pride March. Gaganapin itets sa Disyembre at now pa lang ay mega-invite ang mga bengga organizer--ang Task Force Pride at Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP)--ng mga bekla at tiborcia bloggers na mag-join chever sa makulay na parada ng kagandahan at kalayaan.

Wala pang definite date ang martsa, ngunit ngayon pa lang ay may plano na si Kumareng Baklang AJ na magkaroon ng pagtitipon ang mga LGBT blogger ng Philippines between October o November upang magkakilala ang mga members of the federation. Bahala na raw siya sa venue, pero kung may suggestion kayo puwede niyo rin siyang igibsung ng e-mail.

Sa mga interested chorva na maging bahagi ng gay and lesbian bloggers contingent sa darating na Philippine Gay Pride March, ipadala ang mga sumusunod na information sa "gaybloggers (at) baklaako (dot) com":

Pangalan: ('Yung totoo o 'yung pangalan sa gabi)
URL ng blog:
Pamagat …

Car Sticker Says Only Gay Right is the "Right to Die"

A bumper sticker posted by an Australian gun lobbyist has caused outrage in a rural community and opened the debate between gay rights and free speech.

In a 77-page decision, the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal of Queensland found Ron Owen guilty of inciting hatred against homosexuals after his car sticker was spotted while his car was parked outside the Cooloola Shire Council officers in Gympie, a small rural town north of Brisbane. The sticker reads: "Gay Rights? Under God's law the only rights gays have is the right to die." It also includes a reference to a biblical passage (Leviticus 20:13) that reads: "If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them."

Owen, a former president of the National Firearm Owners of Australia, was also chastised on Monday for comments he made in the ensuing public outcry. He is also a publisher of an ultra-right-wing, pro-militia m…

The First Meeting

Date: September 19, 2008Time: 8:00pm-10:00pm
Venue: Robinsons Place Ermita

Attendees: (L to R) Kiks (ABBA), Yffar (The Rainbow Halohalo Project), Mrs J (Ang Mizis ng Blogspot), and Kiel (Life as a Write-Up)
Name of the Organization: The body agreed with  “Rainbow Bloggers Philippines” as the official name of the community instead of the “Pink Bloggers” since the rainbow promotes a more colorful aspect of the LGBT community.Membership: The attendees decided to let lesbian bloggers to join the said community. As of September 19, 2008, our official members that are included in our directory  are the following: ( See sidebar). Also, Here is the list of bloggers to be invited and join our community: Pat, Kawadjan, Kablog,  Boying,  Dabo,  Dr. magsasaka, Nurse Ruff,  Thaddie,  Bebsisms,  Dan & Rye Show, IE, Mcvie, Mr.Sheez,  Coldman, Mr. Hubs, Fuschiaboy, Jezebel Patel,  Gayzha, Poging Payatot, Reyna Elena, etc. etc. (Kiel  was asked to confirm all pending members to join the community).Po…

This Site is Under Construction

Justleavea comment forsuggestions, reactions,and if you want yourblog to be a part of ourcommunity...
Meanwhile: Join muna tayis sa ateching Yahoogroup para venggang-venga!