For the young gay guys who know who they are and know what they want, maybe charing lang (not really)!

But when you grow up, there would be a time when you look for successful people out there - who inspires you, whom you'd like to imitate or idolize, and maybe pattern your life with. And being gay, it is perfectly normal to look for positive gay role models, and not just Gloria, Margie or Ruffa.

So we need gay heroes of our times (not like Zsa Zsa Zathurna!)

The questions are - Do we have one? Or do we have enough to choose from? Do we even have positive gay role models in the media, public office, television, or in various fields of profession? Those who have success stories and worthy of emulation?

But of course, meron naman! There would be heaps, it is just we don't know them or they don't want to be known as gays!

And so we have the prominent Renee Salud, Ricky Reyes, Boy Abunda, who are openly gay and successful in their fields. But do all gay guys want to become the ever succesful mama Renee Salud in the fields of fashion? or mother Ricky Reyes in the fields of hair and beauty? or talkshow powerhouse Boy Abunda?

So far these are the only local gay guys that would come to (my) mind - when we think about role models.

There would be a lot of gay filipino writers/authors (John Silva, Ralph Pena), film directors (Lino Brocka), singers/thespians (Anton Diva, John Lapuz) - but we don't usually hear or read about them, and they would only be known by a select few. (So maybe this is a project that needs to be done by the Rainbows).

We need gay role models in the fields of science and technology, history, engineering, military and politics. The point is - if Jose Rizal, or Andres Bonifacio or Mabini, turned out to be gay and proud of it - then the country would have a more dignified view of us today! Like everyone would like to be gay and so proud of it! Diva?



How Filipino films and television portray local gay guys greatly affect the level of consciousness/tolerance and acceptance of the general public towards gays and LGBTs.
For instance, if we continue projecting the image of the extreme flamboyant screaming parloristas and over the top gay comedians - then we continue solidifying the the usual gay stereotypes.

What we usually associate gay guys for are girly types, sward-speaking divas with ferosh attitudes and over the top fashionistas. And this is the image that young gays usually follow and would love to follow. Not that there is something wrong with that, as I for one would love to be in this category!

What we miss though is the reality that gay guys (as human beings) come in different characters (and forms) and personalities, pursuing varied interests and doing all sorts of jobs, and could be as masculine and nice as Dingdong Dantes or Piolo Pascual or as feminine and beautiful as Angel Locsin - and being gay is just a preference and not a definition.

In the past, we have the likes of Dolphy (Facifica Falayfay), Roderick Paulate (Bala at Lipstik, Petrang Kabayo, etc), both not gay in real life ... mimicking and even creating extreme gay characters that somehow mold peoples' perception of what being GAY is all about.

Gay guys in the 70's, 80's and in the late 90's are portrayed as slapstick funny characters - with swaying hips, weird gay talks, over pouting lips which were all intended for hilarious tragic comedy. In effect, the public's general view of gay guys - are not all positive. Not being taken seriously, weird and freaks, and we are there for public's laughter and entertainment.

(Markova though is an example of a good/positive gay pinoy films - depicting the plight of Walter Dempsey Jr, known as Markova, as comfort gay during the Japanese occupation. We should have more of these films - just as the likes of Ang pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros.)

This image somehow proliferate - green jokes towards gay guys = negative image = homophobic reactions.

For the young gay guys, this image becomes a standard and a reality to follow. Thus, coming out is usually marked by change of character from being silent private shy types to becoming loud and colorful characters. Thus the term "nagladlad ng kapa". A very good example of this coming out is Rostum Padilla - from a very macho personality to super gay. There is that expectation in the Philippines that once you are gay you are supposed to act gay - (talk, walk dress like a girl).
Its not written in a code or any laws, but it seems easier for people to accept you if you go girlita sanchez instead of paminta. People tend to get confused. For example my girl friends likes me better if I act like a girl than a boy ... mas masaya raw, and they can relate to me better!

And so maybe that is why Rostum took on this new personality (or maybe exposed to it). Well, this is his way of expressing his true self - then so be it! But if he only declared his gayness and remain as macho as he was before - then he would have a different level of public acceptance! Being in the showbiz, the public would have expected some dramatic changes!
The power of media in moulding people's mind and perception, nga naman.


Zinetch kaya ang role model ng mga jukletang itechs ??? Vonggacious silah!


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