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Does LDR (Long distance relationship) work?

Will it lead to a LTR (Long term relationship)?

It’s not easy being a gay guy in the city, especially if you’re in a new place where you know absolutely no one, where you have no clue what will happen.

After being granted a scholarship in a London University and after leaving everything in the Philippines, Adam’s more than determined to make the most out of this opportunity. He promised himself to focus on school and nothing else.

However, living in London proved to be much more difficult than he thought. To start with, he’s living in an all male dormitory where some of his roommates are homophobic. With limited allowance, he also has to find a part time job to make ends meet. If that’s not enough drama, he has to put up with a British guy named Jagger who kept on making his life less bearable.

New life.

New people.

New adventures.

New love?

When Boy meets Boy
Book 3: Love in Transit




STRAP Chairwoman Naomi Fontanos featured in a men's magazine

A write-up on Naomi Fontanos and the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP) of which she is the current chairwoman is featured in the August issue of UNO Magazine Philippines, a men’s magazine.

In the article, Fontanos discusses her growing up years, the struggles of transpinays (transgender/transsexual Filipinas) and one of the advocacy issues facing the global transgender community, the psychiatric diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder (GID).

Fontanos has been serving STRAP as it chairwoman since 2009 and working with a dedicated team of officers including Vice Chairwoman Rica Paras of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up, Seretary Charlese Saballe, Treasurer Joy Cruz, Membership Coordinator Alessandra N. and Internal Affairs Head Santy Layno to make STRAP an upstanding activist organization.

Her UNO Magazine Philippines feature can be seen here.

EDUC8, LIBER8, CELEBR8: The 8-Campus Rainbow Tour

I am happy to announce the start of EDUC8, LIBER8, CELEBR8: The 8-Campus Rainbow Tour, a free symposium on LGBT human rights (see poster above). It will have its first stop at the College of Saint Benilde (CSB) on 29 September 2010. Below is a write-up of this historical initiative.

TrueColors Publishing Inc., the makers of Ketchup Magazine, the only Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) magazine in the Philippines in keeping with its thrust to promote social awareness of LGBT issues, proudly presents Educ8, Liber8, Celebr8: The 8-Campus Rainbow Tour.

This Rainbow Tour brings together noted leaders of the LGBT community to conduct a free symposium targeting students in 8 colleges and universities in the Metro Manila area in an 8-month period from September 2010 to April 2011.

The symposium, which covers various issues including LGBT Politics, Spirituality and Sexuality, Gender Identity and Human Rights & Media Activism, is designed as a “crash course” on human rights and t…


Ang Ladlad slammed the ordinance of Cebu Provincial Board Member Arleigh Sitoy requiring business establishments to designate a separate restroom exclusively for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgenders (LGBTs). The ordinance said that "separate restroom is the solution to end the confusion of what public restroom should a member of the LGBT avail for them to feel safe, comfortable and convenient wherein there are only male and female comfort rooms."

While Ang Ladlad lauds and appreciates the intent of Mr. Sitoy to address the needs and concerns of LGBTs, its members, especially from the Cebu chapter, have strong reservations about this ordinance. Ang Ladlad believes that a separate restroom for LGBTs perpetuates our already marginalized existence.

Jubelle Toledo, one of Ladlad's focal points in Cebu City, stresses that, "requiring all establishments to put up a separate facility means that LGBTs are being treated differently and this could isolate or marginalize us ev…