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UST Quadricentennial Celebration. (to all thomasians)

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What are HIV and AIDS?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is a retrovirus that causes HIV infection. Its entrance into the body lowers the immunity (body defense system) or the ability to fight off disease.
HIV Infection is the successful entry of HIV in the human host, weakening the immune system and leading to a spectrum of diseases.
AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is a condition characterized by a combination of signs and symptoms, caused by HIV contracted from another which attacks and weakens the body’s immune system, making the afflicted individual susceptible to other life threatening infection.

How does HIV attack the immune system?

1. The human body is protected by the White Blood Cells in the immune system.
2. White Blood Cells in the immune system fight disease and germs for your body.
3. Strong diseases make the body sick, but the white blood cells usually win in the end.
4. HIV is a VERY stro…

Yoga for Life on The Philippine Star

Yoga for life, and living for yoga Source:
Article by: BENT ANTENNA By Audrey N. Carpio (The Philippine Star) Updated January 07, 2011

On the first day back from the holidays, my yoga class was expectedly full with new people and their steely resolve to get on the fitness track. As we stretched out our creaky bones, saturated with Christmas fat, and sweated out the hangovers, I once again thought about what it was about yoga that has made me keep coming back to it throughout the years. I was always a nerd, unathletic and gawky, and in high school I would skip PE classes by managing to always have my period. The competitiveness of team sports didn’t appeal to me, and running like a hamster in the gym was boring and tedious. Discovering yoga was somewhat of a breakthrough in my physical routine, mainly because it wasn’t all about the physica…