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When Boy meets Boy

Boy meets girl. Girl meets Boy. Boy meets Boy. Boy loves Boy.

ADAM is a 20 something gay guy who’s fed up with his life.

He just broke up with his long time model wannabe boyfriend for 10 years, his small flat was flooded, and his boss just kept on riding on his body of work without properly acknowledging him.
He is living in a quarter life crisis dealing with issues such as his sexuality, societal acceptance and his failed aspirations.

He decided to finally live his life and somewhat succeeded when he met ANDRE- the guy who changed everything.

My name is Adam.

My name is the 69th most popular boys name in the United States. I find that nonsense info somewhat funny. If you get what I meant then probably there’s something we have in common.

I won't lie and go straight to the point by saying that I'm gay. And by gay I don't mean I'm a happy person. Sure, I'm not gloomy or anything close to that. I'm just, well, gay.

There’s nothing really special about me. I’m just s…


Ang Ladlad will hold the National Consultation Meeting on February 27, 2010 (Saturday) at 9:00AM to 5:00PM in the University Hotel of UP Diliman to elect our new set of officers and party list representatives. We might be able to run for Party List elections in May 2010, let us show the power of the Pink Vote.

As per Chair Danton Remoto, we need all hands on deck. The campaign season begins on February 9. Please help us in your respective towns, cities, provinces and regions. Online campaigning will certainly help. And also provide us with leads on people and companies we can tap for our fund-raising. We will need money, food for the campaign, office supplies, volunteers and endorsements.

In line with this, we are calling all existing members to renew their membership and interested individuals/ parties/groups to sign up as new members not later than February 20, 2010 to be eligible to nominate and vote. The Membership Committee will collect an annual fee of Php100 for professionals and…


Chelsey Mikimoto, a transgender showgirl from Melbourne, was crowned Miss Transsexual Australia 2010 in the country’s first-ever beauty pageant for transsexuals and transgenders, held at Melbourne’s Bar 362 last week.

Contestants were judged on their creativity, talent, wit, beauty and confidence. Singapore-born Mikimoto, who performs at cabaret shows, nightclubs and entertainment venues around Melbourne, wowed the judges with her poise, talent and quick wit. She was announced winner over runner-up Patricia Licaros, a hospitality sales associate from Southbank.

“I am absolutely delighted to win the inaugural crown,” Mikimoto, of East Melbourne, said. “I am also glad to have had the opportunity to meet and share the experience of being in a pageant with other transexuals from Australia.”

Mikimoto, who cites Australian transsexual actor, model and dancer Estelle Asmodelle as her role model, said she was not trying to be spokesperson for the transgender community, but to be seen as a happy…

Needs VS. Passion

You only have one life to live, wouldn't you want to spend it the way you've always pictured it in your head?

Ever since moving to Manila on the last week of November, I had always set my mind to be working at a well known call center company in Makati and earn what I needed to suffice my plans of studying at a beauty school in Makati as well. I've strived hard during the interview, showed my best, and presented myself in a way where I'd exude the personality of someone who can make big changes.

Luckily enough, not only did I get the job, but during the three levels of training, I made it through with flying colors as I was one of the top trainees in my wave.
So there I was, minutes from hitting the production floor. My nerves were getting the best of me, my anxiety was consuming all the energy I had, but somehow I had to toughen up. This was what I've always fought for, and this simply wasn't the time to give up.
My team was one of a kind. All sorts of personaliti…