When Boy meets Boy

Boy meets girl. Girl meets Boy. Boy meets Boy. Boy loves Boy.

ADAM is a 20 something gay guy who’s fed up with his life.

He just broke up with his long time model wannabe boyfriend for 10 years, his small flat was flooded, and his boss just kept on riding on his body of work without properly acknowledging him.
He is living in a quarter life crisis dealing with issues such as his sexuality, societal acceptance and his failed aspirations.

He decided to finally live his life and somewhat succeeded when he met ANDRE- the guy who changed everything.

My name is Adam.

My name is the 69th most popular boys name in the United States. I find that nonsense info somewhat funny. If you get what I meant then probably there’s something we have in common.

I won't lie and go straight to the point by saying that I'm gay. And by gay I don't mean I'm a happy person. Sure, I'm not gloomy or anything close to that. I'm just, well, gay.

There’s nothing really special about me. I’m just some average looking 20 something gay guy who tries to live decently in the urban jungles of Manila. I wish I could share something out of this world or something extra special about me like how I was the “special” one who discovered the cure for AIDS or I’m the first gay astronaut that ever landed planet Pluto. But the truth is, I’m just one of those people who you would pass by some random street and never bother to do a double look.

When I was little, my mom used to tell me that I have the weirdest fixation to words. In fact, she said that there's no word in the English language that I don't like. Once you meet me, you’ll see how obvious that fact is. As of yesterday there were approximately 33 people I know of who either wants to plaster my mouth or just stay away because they were annoyed by the sound of my voice.

I always tell people that if there are three things in life that I am absolutely passionate about are talking, meeting people & making a fool out of myself. Thanks to my so-called job, I’m somewhat able to do all these. I work as an instructor in a known school somewhere in Quezon City. I teach young college brats for a living. My everyday life consists of formulas, number and a whole lot of unnecessary bull.

I’m not complaining. I sort of wished that I could live my life differently.

Adam changed his status from in a relationship to single.

That of course is complete with a heart shaped icon on the side.

I was adjusting my eyes while looking intently at the sentence flashing from my laptop monitor. I just woke up & still adjusting to the rays of the sun piercing through the window of my shoebox of an apartment.

It really hasn’t slapped me until today.

I’ve been in denial for the longest time that things were still okay, that my relationship with him was still spotless.

After 10 long years of being with somebody, I’m now officially unattached.


The six letter word that for the longest time I thought I would never use.

-excerpt from Chapter 1 of When Boy meets Boy

When Boy meets Boy is twisted urban fairytale that chronicles Adam's journey in a society that still hasn't tolerated homosexuality to the fullest, where societal issues like discrimination and AIDS are still present & where love can sometimes be synonymous to lust.

When Boy meets Boy is a wicked and whimsical story about unconditional love, breakups, breakdowns and everything else in between.

Adam, together with the other colorful characters in his life, is out to prove that being gay doesn't stop one from experiencing and finding that one great love.

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