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Is your son gay?

Need I say more? (LOL)
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Pride and Power

Get ready for a Rainbow Exchange like you've never experienced before
Rainbow Rights Project, Inc.
together with Defense Specialists and Radar Pridewear
bring you

Pride&Power 1!
Basic self-defense workshop for lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women

Join us on August 29, 2009 on the FBR Arcade Roofdeck from 1-4PMAnd enjoy an action-packed afternoon as trained martial artiststeach you basic defensive moves against assailants using only your hands or your I.D. card!

Limited slots available! RSVP to 09065222995 on or before Aug 26!
(Only two slots per RSVP will be accommodated. Sparring partners may RSVP using only one number.)
See you there!

*Pride&Power is a series of self-defense workshops for LGBT

Metropolitan Community Church Quezon City

The MCC or the Metropolitan Community Church is a Christian denomination with special ministry for members of the LGBT (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender) community.

Metropolitan Community Church is a place for all people. It is our founding belief that all are welcome at the table whether they are GLBT, Straight, Questioning, a member of MCC, a member of another church, or not affiliated with a church at all. The love of God is NOT conditional. All are welcome!

MCC Quezon City (MCCQC) was established on September 13, 2006 by Pastor Ceejay Agbayani Jr. as a mission program of the Makati-based MCC Philippines, the first MCC in Asia. On May 30, 2008, the members of the MCCQC have resolved to become independent, and by July 5th crafted its own by-laws.

Last September 14, 2008, during its 2nd church anniversary, MCCQC became a full affiliate church of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC), while Pastor Ceejay Agbayani Jr. was ordained in a ceremony presided by Re…

Gearing up for the Miss Universe

The last time I rooted for the Philippines' candidate in the Miss Universe was around a decade ago in 2000 during the reign of Binibining (Bb.) Pilipinas Universe Nina Ricci Alagao. Nina was a model at that time and just graduated from the University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman. The first time I saw her on TV, I thought, "You go girl! Show them how it's done." Nina was very sassy during the pageant night. She moved and behaved like a winner and looked like she was just having fun. I totally loved her personality. I loved her so much that for an undergrad class at UP, I insisted we interviewed Nina. She was a riot in person. She was funny, cheeky and really smart. I was very sad when her name was not called among the 10 or 15 semi-finalists during the Miss Universe pageant in Cyprus. One of the hosts said they were expecting to see Miss Philippines make the cut. But alas, Nina didn't make it.

After Nina, nobody who held the Bb. Pilipinas Universe crown caugh…

Out Is In!

When I was in college at the University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman, one of the exciting things to look forward to every semester was the Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE). The ACLE was conceptualized by the University Student Council (USC) as a respite from the tedium of students' regular classes. It started out as a yearly activity which later became a semestral one. Every semester, the USC coordinates with different student organizations that volunteer to hold various fora on topics of their choice. The idea is for each organization (or in students' speak, org) to exercise as much freedom as possible and talk about issues that are not the usual fodder for classroom discussion. The best-selling ones would usually be around sexuality, religion, and politics. Of course, there is more to choose from than that.

Classes are suspended during the ACLE; but students who have classes on the day in which it falls are required by their teachers to attend an ACLE s…

Warning to all: Be very very careful

I just read from someone's email in a community mailing group that it seems that the "serial killer" who has been targeting gay men and who has not yet been apprehended by police has struck again. Around three to four years ago, if I'm not mistaken, several gay men were found dead via multiple stab wounds in their apartments around the Quezon City area. The victims included a fashion designer, TV producer, hair stylist and many others. There were rumors that have remained unconfirmed until now that one of the killer's victims was, in fact, a priest.

The serial killer angle came to a head when one of the alleged victims' stories was solved. That person was someone I knew personally: Larry Estandarte. Larry was one of the founding members of the University of the Philippines (UP) Babaylan, the first LGBT students' organization in the UP system. By the time I became a member of UP Babaylan, Larry was already one of our alumni members and had long been working…

The 2nd International Conference on LGBT Human Rights

Finally, the World Outgames 2009 is over and I am back home safe. I am still nursing my jet lag though. I flew into Manila on Monday afternoon, August 3, and I have been very sleepy and lethargic since. Every night beginning Monday, I have been waking up at around 3 am. I would then be up for an hour or so (sometimes more) until sleep beckons again. The last week has been really hellish. I have not slept well and have been waking up bedraggled and a little haggard so I hope to overcome this within the week.

As I promised in my last post, I will talk about the 2nd International Conference on LGBT Human Rights. The conference was the main reason why I went to Copenhagen. It was one of three tracks that the Outgames offered to its participants, the other two being Sports and Culture. The conference was scheduled from July 27-29 and those three days covered 6 plenary sessions (one in the morning and one in the afternoon of each day) and more than 100 workshops dealing with nine conference…


2010 Senatorial Candidate
ANG LADLAD, Chairman

And am not talking about shoes.

Many thanks for those who asked me what my platform is. If you have read the 60 minutes interview I had with the Manila Bulletin, my platform will be education for all.

Out of ten children who enroll in Grade One, only six graduate in elementary school. And out of this six who enter high school, only four graduate. And out of this four who enter college, only two graduate.

Thus, I want to focus on universal primary school education for all. The ten who enter Grade One should be able to graduate in Grade Six. That is basic, so they could learn how to read, write, count and I hope think.

How is this possible? Through conditional cash transfer, where parents will be given Php 500 per child as long as these children stay in school, get regular vaccination and the mothers go to the health center for seminars on reproductive health. This is of course an idea from the Latin American countries, which GMA has…

Murdering GMA? (LOL)

Today's Issue of Manila Bulletin
(6 August 2009)

Up close:

This is too much for a typographical error. I know this is intentional, and I love it! :) Thank you so much, MANILA BULLETIN. (LOL)

Thank you, too, ABS-CBN.

Whoever made these mistakes, I SALUTE THEM. :) Yes, seriously. I'm not making fun of them, rather, glorifying and thanking them for the error. :P

[Thanks, Mahado and for the photos.]

Yellow Ribbon

The past few days has been rough not only to the Philippine nation, but has been gloomy to the family of former president Corazon Aquino.

I have never been a fan of politics ever since, nor am I a fan of it today. The dirt dished out by politicians to their opponents has been a silent war that I never bothered opening my ears to. Many of the open positions during elections use the youth as an excuse for them to be voted, which is probably why I never registered for the last election. If the youth is our nation's hope, then the ones seated shouldn't mask out our voice -- the truth.

One politician, though I definitely wouldn't label her as one, but rather a Filipino of dedication, amidst all this hunger for popularity and even more wealth touched me incomparably.
I remember when I was to get my braces adjusted, Willie Revillame was as usual hosting his noontime show saying that if presidentiables want to make change, then he/she need not be seated in the palace. I couldn't …

Accused HIV+ Speaks

My name is ROSCOE PERRY CARBONELL, and I'm 27 years old I am presently residing here near De Castro Ave. Pasig City. I am an HIV+ person… I am very sorry" alam ko na na may HIV ako last October 2008 pa pero nakipag sex parin ako kasi gusto ko makaganti (I know that I have HIV since 2008 but I still have sex just to get revenge)" …To all those whom I had sex before.. " Sana mapatawad niyo ako (I hope you could forgive me)".

These are some of the shocking words written in the one and only post at

Recently this alarming web URL is being circulated regarding a guy from San Juan declaring his HIV/AIDS Positive status, claiming that he, personally, was the one who made the website. To my curiosity, I tried to contact him in his YM account found in his website.

After a few days later, he replied to my messages. Then we had a brief conversation to confirm his health situation. I was supposed to lend him a helping hand and lead…

Jam for Tara on Lemonites this August, featuring SPIT!

"Spontaneity. Creativity. Increased intelligence. Emotional connections. Being in the moment. They are all present when improvising. It is impossible for all these things not to be there when improvising."
---Joey Novick, comedian and improv teacher

This August, Lunduyan ng Sining has chosen to honor Tara's life by inviting you all to jam one last time. We are also inviting you all to celebrate the art of improv theater as we feature SPIT (Silly People's Improv Theater)!

See you all on Monday, August 10, 8.30 pm at Magnet Katipunan for another night of clean (*wink*) lezzy fun.

8.30-10pm - Open jam! We invite everyone to sing/dance/read/act in honor of Tara. Just post a comment on this page to reserve a slot.

10pm-12mn - SPIT conquers the stage!

Who is SPIT?
SPIT is Manila's premiere Improv theater group. We can't wait to see what they'll pull in front of this lezzy crowd.

Who are the members of SPIT?
Check them out at

What is Improv?

Farewell, Tita Cory

I join the whole country, the whole world at that, in mourning the passing of our beloved former President Corazon C. Aquino (1933-2009).

Let her memory, along with what she did to save the country from the grimaces of dictatorial rule, live in our hearts, FOREVER.