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My name is ROSCOE PERRY CARBONELL, and I'm 27 years old I am presently residing here near De Castro Ave. Pasig City. I am an HIV+ person… I am very sorry" alam ko na na may HIV ako last October 2008 pa pero nakipag sex parin ako kasi gusto ko makaganti (I know that I have HIV since 2008 but I still have sex just to get revenge)" …To all those whom I had sex before.. " Sana mapatawad niyo ako (I hope you could forgive me)".

These are some of the shocking words written in the one and only post at

Recently this alarming web URL is being circulated regarding a guy from San Juan declaring his HIV/AIDS Positive status, claiming that he, personally, was the one who made the website. To my curiosity, I tried to contact him in his YM account found in his website.

After a few days later, he replied to my messages. Then we had a brief conversation to confirm his health situation. I was supposed to lend him a helping hand and lead him to the organizations and experts on AIDS Awareness and Prevention in the Philippines.

To my surprise, the site is “Fraudulent”. This is how he describes the content of the website.

“I’m not HIV+”, cries Rosco Perry Carbonell, also known as Coco.
As we continued with our small discussion, he stated that he is not responsible for creating the blog site. Then I asked who’s accountable for doing it? Coco replied, “My great enemies… I already sued the 2 guys who made it” According to him, the alleged mastermind of creating and disseminating the website made two (2) fake accounts in Planetromeo and Manjam, luckily, he was able to report it to the site admin and was eventually removed.

At present, Coco is experiencing grave emotional and psychological trauma with the issue. Every aspect in his life was affected including his family, career, social, and love life. There was an instance when Coco was walking in the mall and suddenly, someone pointed at him saying that I am HIV+. Carbonell shares, “Everyone was looking at me with dismay, so I just went away from the crowd”

He is currently pursuing a case against the guys, who did this to him, however, it seems that are not replying to the summons of the trial. Though he did not mention the names of the said persons, he personally knows them and all their contact information, where they live, and even their full name. According to an email I received, if proven guilty, they can be charged with a criminal offense which is punishable by law.

Coco is asking everyone not to believe in the hearsays about his physical condition. “… no one is allowed to point an individual whether he or she is (HIV) positive or negative”, Carbonell emphasized.

This is a serious matter and is not to be taken lightly. The damage was done and he is now attached to the stigma of the society. Hopefully his case will be closed and prove to the community that he is a victim of a malicious act and false accusation.

“Again I’m not HIV+”-Coco


Ming Meows said...

the problem kasi with HIV+, mostly connected sa gays. kaya double stigma=(

the barefoot baklesa said...

sin verguenza!!! i can't believe some people can live with themselves after having done such a thing...

line of flight said...

this is definitely something that should be resolved through the courts. i believe most of europe and united states makes this kind of defamatory behavior regarding HIV status criminal as well.

DATS said...

thats just not fair...its like killing everything about your self.

the barefoot baklesa said...

I agree with Line of Light and Dats...

these things demand justice in every sense of the word...

and true, that's just taking one's life from under him and leaving him vulnerable to the ills of bigotry...

people who bear such ill will, their retribution shall be swift in divine hands

Yffar (^^,) said...

Comments from other sites:


There are many sick people all over the world. Sick in that they have no respect for other people. There are many gays who go around "outing" other gays. I respect others rights to live their own lives as they wish. But there are many people who feel that because they choose to be openly gay, they have a right to force others to live openly gay lifestyles to strengthen gay rights in general.

Where I live, in the last 6 years there have been 2 people murdered solely because they were gay. One of those was a teen around 13 years of age, THROWN OFF THE SIDE OF A BRIDGE by two other teenagers. A 3rd person was the victim of an assault with deadly force, he survived and recovered. The assault was again, solely because the guy was gay.

I choose caution.

Your Tagged friend,

- asyoulike7777

Yffar (^^,) said...

a response from PG4M:

thanks for posting in my thread about hiv awareness. the culprits can be jailed. i will still have to review the ra8504 please tell coco to write me an email. i will provide him a lawyer to pursue his case when i come back to manila this september. he has to undergo an hiv test with me around so he can prove that he is negative and please tell him at the moment not to be ashamed or alarmed if deep in his heart he is negative. he can just put his head up high instead of being afffected by the stigma done by his so called "detractors". Kindly tell him to write me an email. thank you.

လီးလားအေကာက္ကိုထားခဲ့တာလဲyehtetlin01leelar said...

i am sorry,too.
i wish you the best health and successful!
you have hiv virus asi am surpril!

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