Farewell, Tita Cory

I join the whole country, the whole world at that, in mourning the passing of our beloved former President Corazon C. Aquino (1933-2009).

Let her memory, along with what she did to save the country from the grimaces of dictatorial rule, live in our hearts, FOREVER.




line of flight said...

it is unfortunate that Cory spent her time in office trying to stabilize the political process in general -- slowly shifting to the right to appease the military (this was no fault of her own). it is also sad that one of the only policy pinnacles of her administration, agrarian reform, exempted Hacienda Luisita from its ambit.

the barefoot baklesa said...

@ line of light, true, i have much to say about the CARP and what it did to our family personally, but still Tita Cory is Tita Cory... [the link is my own little tribute]

she tried, to say the least...

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