Needs VS. Passion

You only have one life to live, wouldn't you want to spend it the way you've always pictured it in your head?

Ever since moving to Manila on the last week of November, I had always set my mind to be working at a well known call center company in Makati and earn what I needed to suffice my plans of studying at a beauty school in Makati as well. I've strived hard during the interview, showed my best, and presented myself in a way where I'd exude the personality of someone who can make big changes.

Luckily enough, not only did I get the job, but during the three levels of training, I made it through with flying colors as I was one of the top trainees in my wave.

So there I was, minutes from hitting the production floor. My nerves were getting the best of me, my anxiety was consuming all the energy I had, but somehow I had to toughen up. This was what I've always fought for, and this simply wasn't the time to give up.

My team was one of a kind. All sorts of personalities were rushing through my environment every second, and all I could ever do was to digest it slowly in my head.

For the first week, I was enjoying the challenge of dealing with irate callers, analyzing the best possible solution for a client's concern. Don't get me wrong, being the competitive person that I am, this was a positive thing for me. But days have passed and somehow, our group, in general, has received bad comments from the resolutions team and our very own team leader as well. Unfortunately, according to them, it seems as though we (not referring to everyone though) never underwent training. (Slap on everyone's faces after that statement) I know it might've been shallow if I was to be affected with the remarks, but to not hear any appreciation with the good works we've done was a big downer.

The salary I receive from the company is pretty big compared to what I'd be earning if I stayed in the province. It's able to suffice the rent, my personal needs, and the extras of life. But, what is true happiness anyways?

Being gay, I've learned several talents I possess. I've been productive as a graphic designer, strived as a rookie hairstylist and makeup artist, and has slowly expanded my network as a wedding singer/assistant coordinator. All these, I thank the Lord, all because of the simple fact that I'm gay.

True happiness has always been solidly defined in my dictionary, but it was only to this day, that I've realized it's true essence.

A job might provide you the monetary amount you need to suffice your daily needs and wants, but the bliss and fulfillment you get from doing the one thing you love, wether this means all you'd be earning is half of what that other job pays you, is incomparable.

This is a brief story of a gay guy who followed his heart, and achieved true happiness. No ifs, ands, or buts.

--the author resigned from his call center job and is now enrolling himself in a beauty school in Makati to pursue his dreams.

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Ming Meows said...

im so happy for you. it inspired me.

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