Bosnia Gay Festival Forced Underground

The organizers of Bosnia's first gay rights festival announced last Thursday that they are moving the event underground the day after participants were attacked by hooligans during the opening ceremony.

Slobodanka Dekic of Association Q, which organized the festival, declared that the event "will no longer be a public event."

"The right people will have the right information about what is happening and where," she added.

Eight people, including two journalists and a policeman, were injured from those attacks.

"We had the guarantees from the mayor and police that there will be no violence... somebody will have to assume the responsibility for what has happened," Dekic said.

Meanwhile, Bosnia's Human Rights Minister Safet Halilovic, Sarajevo mayoress Semiha Borovac and a number of political parties and non-governmental organizations condemned violence by hooligans.

"Attack last night on organizers and visitors of the queer festival is an example of unacceptable human rights violations," Halilovic said in a statement.

"Human rights must be respected without any exceptions," she added.

The Bosnian Helsinki Committee also expressed its solidarity with the victims of what it described as "madness."

"We condemn physical violence and request that the attackers on festival organizers be appropriately punished," its president Srdjan Dizdarevic said.

(Source: Agence France-Presse)


Bryan Anthony the First said...

bili na tayo tickets papunta bosnia. lusob mga mare, asan ang kiks, sya una nating isalang


Kiks said...

bryan, pag me dumating na taga-papua new guinea dito sa kumperensya namin, magpapabaon ako ng bosnian para sa yo.


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