Be a Rainbow Parrot!

(Updated February 3, 2009)

What is a Rainbow Parrot?

Authors of this blog are referred to as Rainbow Parrots. Rainbow Bloggers Philippines doesn't only authorize members to be included in our Rainbow List but also allows them to write and blog here. Each member has an option whether to be a Parrot or just merely a member. The sad news is, Blogspot allows only 100 authors for each blog, therefore there could only be 100 authors for Rainbow Bloggers Philippines.

However, if you did not write anything for six months in this group blog, your author status will then be removed.

Rainbow Parrots Guidelines:

1) LABELS - Rainbow Bloggers Philippines strictly uses seven labels, each representing an aspect of the gay community. Please refer to the following categories in posting your article:
Red: About Us(About RBP)
Orange: LGBT Events/Activities
Yellow: LGBT News/Articles
Green: Lifestyle
Blue: Blogging
Indigo: Love and Confessions
Violet: Wild Cards

2) POST ORIGINAL CONTENT ONLY - We encourage all our contributors to post original articles in this blog. If you are posting news reports, we encourage the contributors to rewrite the article and acknowledge the source. This is to prevent potential copyright violations.

3) SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS - We encourage all members to comment on the posts as this is our way to get to know each other more. While we do not have a forum, we will consider having an discussion board in the near future.

Join Now!

If you want to be a Rainbow Parrot, send an email with your Blog name, Blog URL, and E-Mail address to, or, you can just leave the information listed above as a comment in this post.


Yffar, The Rainbow Weaver said...

ang gganda natin...

wahahahhaa said...

Pasweet naman ng pose kets!

JoShMaRie said...

pasali po ako :)

zico said...

ako po nag send na kay kiks at ms lyka

Lyka Bergen said...

Oo nga Maruja, pa-sweet ever ka. Look at Mrs J. may angle ang pose. Very her talagah! At ang Yffar. Paminta! Tse!

Kiks said...

ako yata ang pinakamaganda dito.

canary yellow pages ang dating ko!

mel beckham-atienza said...

palakpakan ang mga parrots!

mrs.j said...

parang kakaiba ang lola lyka dito tingnan mo ang wings di maitago!

Gayzha said...

ang mga farrotz thalaga!

Ming Meows said...

i want to contribute

Ming Meows said...

Blog name: Ang Sariling Mundo ni Ming Meows
Blog URL:
Blog email:

Poetryman said...

lovely colors!

realscore said...

Blog name: Plain and Real
Blog URL:
Blog email:

2net said...

You might want ot adopt a pet. Please visit the adoption booth of CARA welfare phils at Boni High St. on Feb 21 and 22.

Local cats and dogs.

2net said...

Blogname: This is the Life...Boring

Blog URL:

Blog email:

Reign Loleng said...

Blog name: Reign Loleng is Crispy
Blog URL:
Blog email:

Diosa said...

Blog name: Am I Brilliant or What?!?
Blog URL:
Blog email:

Germaine Trittle said...

yffar, i have yet to post one of my blogs here from

BIG.BAD.EJ said...

Interested to be a member and a contributor.

Site name: That Bitchy Fag's Blah.

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