The First Meeting

Date: September 19, 2008

Time: 8:00pm-10:00pm

Venue: Robinsons Place Ermita


Attendees: (L to R) Kiks (ABBA), Yffar (The Rainbow Halohalo Project), Mrs J (Ang Mizis ng Blogspot), and Kiel (Life as a Write-Up)

  • Name of the Organization: The body agreed with  “Rainbow Bloggers Philippines” as the official name of the community instead of the “Pink Bloggers” since the rainbow promotes a more colorful aspect of the LGBT community.
  • Membership: The attendees decided to let lesbian bloggers to join the said community. As of September 19, 2008, our official members that are included in our directory  are the following: ( See sidebar). Also, Here is the list of bloggers to be invited and join our community: Pat, Kawadjan, Kablog,  Boying,  Dabo,  Dr. magsasaka, Nurse Ruff,  Thaddie,  Bebsisms,  Dan & Rye Show, IE, Mcvie, Mr.Sheez,  Coldman, Mr. Hubs, Fuschiaboy, Jezebel Patel,  Gayzha, Poging Payatot, Reyna Elena, etc. etc. (Kiel  was asked to confirm all pending members to join the community).
  • Posting Categories: Based on the seven colors of the rainbow, the entries shall be categorized as:  Red (About Us); Orange (LGBT Events/Activities); Yellow (LGBT News/Articles), Green (Lifestyle); Blue (Blogging);  Indigo (Dear Becky/ Confessions); and Violet (Wild Cards)
  • Official Logo: The official emblem  of the community shall be designed by KIKS. The content will include a computer and the rainbow
  • E-Group & Site: Yffar was assigned to create the initial site for the community. Mrs. Jay will create the yahoogroup for the rainbow bloggers philippines
  • Officlal launching: The target launching of the community will be on the first week of December in line with the Pride March and World AIDS Day celebration. 
  • As of the moment, the community aims to recruit more members and collect articles for postings.
  • Next Meeting: The next general assembly of the Rainbow Bloggers Philippines is not yet set but will be announced in advance and to gather more participants. 
Kaya JOIN na mga Badush! Di ba ang saya saya nila sa Picture? Mas masaya kung mas marami, Dervalou?  If you want to contribute and write sa blog na tets, leave your E-Mail addy sa comment section so we can add you as Author. Bangs! Now, Gooooo!


Wilberchie said...

join na ketch next meeting baka kasi sunugin ako eh! Whahahha!

dazedblu* said...

whew, thanks fer accepting my application, haha XD

Hope to be part fo the next meet-up :) said...

Ang gaganda naman ng nasa picture! Sensya na't di akets nakarating sa meeting dahil may premiere night ang lola niyo.

migs, the manila gay guy said...

pa-join naman! manilagayguy[at]

Gayzha said...

Salamat for adding me as member! Ang saya-saya!

At least now, we have a coalition of gay guys in the internet - that are created and organized by gay guys and those who wish to become members.... and not only owned by one person!

So Mabuhay ang mga Baklang Pinoy! Mabuhay ang RAINBOW BLOGGERS PHILIPPINES!

Isali nyo naman ako as an author - so I can contribute some posts here, charing !!!

zico said...

how do i join this group?

mel beckham-atienza said...

gusto ko rin mag contribute minsan. my email is

reyna elena said...

I'm very excited really! You have my full support and I'm full blast wit this. Also, hope to get to know you all! I think it's about time!

Congratulations to all the creators! Anything I can be of help, service or assistance, kahit kanta keri balikwa nota titirada lola, let me know wag lang swimsuit, me bukol sa harap eh hehehehe!

Geisha said...

This is a very noble intiative..
at dahil jan you ahve my full support... lemme know what i can do to help... join na rin ako!

jgsmart7785 at gmail dot com

thank you :D

ika said...

yuriki.kun [at] gmail [dot] com

maraming salamat po.

Anz said...

can u add my blog ...

thanks ... more power to us!

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