Shame on you, Abner Afuang!

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Apparently a retired colonel, Abner Afuang, driven by a sudden pang of anger, doused water on Hayden Kho amidst the senate hearing yesterday when Kho and Katrina Halili were face to face. Orders to arrest Afuang were immediate. When interviewed, Afuang stated he lost hold of himself, was abruptly irritated upon seeing Kho, and was ANGRY at Kho as he had watched his sex video with Halili, further commenting it was good he did not hit Kho and just poured water instead. Shame on you, Afuang!


As for me, I feel for Kho. He is judged TOO MUCH by practically everybody. His Mom, Irene Kho, recently went on air to express disgust over sensationalizing the scandal, naming Lolit Solis as the primary orchestrator of Katrina's moves to expose the issue. The mother is so affected, and the father has suffered a mild stroke because of the humiliation.

Yes, Hayden may be guilty. He is having his share of consequences for his own actions. However, isn't it just to focus the wrath on the ones who uploaded his sex videos instead? That which of taping his intimate moments with his girls, including Halili, may be sick; but each one of us has a right to document our private moments FOR AS LONG AS WE KEEP THEM PRIVATE INDEED AND NOT EXPOSE THESE TO THE PUBLIC. Now, that of Hayden's video's coming out is ANOTHER STORY, something beyond his control, and something which does not make him deserve all dirty labels being given him by now.

It should be noted that Maricar Reyes never showed up, unlike Halili, to complain on her video coming out. Having watched the videos, there was only one thing I noticed: the encounters were so intimate and the "women" were enjoying each and every moment in the scene as much as Hayden was. The point is, if these were video footages of a rape scene, then I believe that would be the time for Hayden to be lifted from the frying pan to the fire itself. However, this is not the case. Everything was a documentation of ENJOYED LUSTFUL MOMENTS on the part of Hayden and his women.

I sense foul play on why Hayden is being stepped on too much. There indeed is enough reason to investigate on all ill motives which are right now still on theory level behind the spread of these sex videos. If it were not Hayden in the sex videos, would the controversy be as sensationalized as what we have now? What if it were GMA who was on the video and moaning like a goat?



line of flight said...

Abner Afuang, a legend in his own mind, only.

Anonymous said...

Abner Aswang...

the barefoot baklesa said...

this may raise a few eyebrows,

but I believe Hayden Kho Jr. handled himself quite impeccably in this entire affair... there is much to be said about going at it in a educated and calculated fashion.

i do agree that we are all entitled to our own private indulgences as long as we keep them well within the confines of our own walls.

unfortunately, there are more pressing matters for our senate to deal with rather than these hearings "in-aid-of-legislation" that are a waste of time and taxpayers' money: we pay for their catered meals, we pay for their requested drinks, we pay for their bottled waters, the attendants, the extra security...ahay buhay...what a waste

yellowbolls said...

for the complete hayden khop sex video files visit

thanx po! :)

Anonymous said...

this simply shows how idiots, morons and bastards most of our politicians in the PHILIPPINES, such a disgrace...just wonderin' the past of Afuang is...his childhood must have been worst than the accused...or the abuse he gets from people in the past.... better off Afuang and get he fuck off..gerk..

junix said...

my comment may be too late.. i cant keep myself from wondering why Sen. Bong revilla is so gigil na gigil sa issue na to? Di kaya may kapalit na binigay si Katrina dito para lang makaganti sa BF niyang si Hayden dahil mas pinili pa rin nito si Vicky Belo sa kabilang ng pagiging mas matanda nito? O baka naman takot si senator na maibunyag na isa sya sa mga drug lords na pinagkukunan ng suppply para sa mga artista na nalululong sa droga? kaya pilit niyang iginigitgit na makulong si hayden.. kawawa naman ang mga anak natin.. wala na silang makitang kabutihan sa pilipinas.. Sa mga itinuturing pang mga modelo o huwaran nggagaling ang mga kaguluhang eto.. at syempre me pananagutan din ang media.. dahil imbes na apulahin ang apoy ay ginagatungan pa nila eto.. sapat na sana ang ibalita na may ganitong problema.. pero ang paulit ulit na pagpapalabas ng mga preview's or sneak peeks ng sex video ay lalong ngbigay ng kuryusidad sa mga tao para panuorin ang video.. and anyways bakit ba sinisisi ni katrina si hayden eh.. halata naman na enjoy na enjoy siya habang binabrush sya di ba?? at sa mga politkong nanuod.. aba wag niyong sabihin na hindi kayo ngenjoy? mga sinungaling.. wag na tayong magmalinis we really enjoy a good scandal like this.. buti pa si maricar nananahimik na lang kasi alam niyang me mali din sya.. mga ganun tao dapat ang respetohin ang marunong tumangap sa kasalanan nagawa... kaya pag may kasalanan kang nagawa? manahimik ka na lang.. wag ka na mgpalusot hehehehe

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