Outrage Magazine Features Rainbow Bloggers Philippines

After a series of emails with Mikee dela Cruz, Outrage Magazine's May 2009 Issue features RBP in an article entitled: "Rainbow Bloggers Philippines: Empowered By Words"

The interview was not personally done, but the answers were coordinated via the e-group and constant YM conversations with RBP members and was consolidated before being sent as an official response to Outrage's interview questions.

Now a “one-stop resource for Filipino GLBTQIA bloggers and readers who want to learn more about the GLBTQIA people in the Philippines,” RBP is proving to be an effective tool in empowering Filipino GLBTQIAs. “We are building an atmosphere of friendship and self-actualization, where the members get to know and understand the life of his/her fellow GLBTQIA people, and reflect on the learning that he/she incurred and incorporate it in his/her life,”- Quoting from the Article. This is how we envision RBP and how it can serve the society.

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Word indeed is mightier than sword!


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