Me...a chinito guy...and the elevator....

Me...a chinito guy...and the elevator....

May 13, 2009

I had the weirdest, yet most "kilig", experience inside an elevator last night. And so a country mile...this was my most memorable one.

I don't even know if I should be writing something about this. But I just couldn't help it! I know that I need to! Otherwise...I'll get a mental breakdown.

I think I've already mentioned before that MCEC "has transferred to the vacant office next to ours." And it's pretty much adjacent to the elevators.

I went home a little late last night, at around 7:10 PM or something. As I swiped my ID to the sensor and opened the door, I pulled out my phone and hit the speed dial to inform my driver that I was gonna be descending already. Yes, fine...I know. I wasn't able to keep up to my word. I wasn't able to dispose of my driver. My mama feels like it's a necessity for me. Then, so be it.

I was walking out of the office with my head tilted down, my eyes on the floor. My driver picked up his phone and answered my call. I turned right toward the elevators and held my head up to see where I was going.


MCEC (My Chinito Edward Cullen)!

And he was so alone!

Swear, I felt my gaze grew wider to the maximum extent. I was surprised...shocked...startled.... I freakin' didn't know what to do! And I was like so static for a moment that my driver repeatedly said "Hello?" for like three times before I finally came back to my senses.

My voice was a little shaky as I instructed my driver that I was off already and he said "Ok." I told him that we were to pass by the supermarket near our subdivision but to my surprise, I kinda didn't realize that I've already hit the "end" button. So, I was practically talking to some air during that time.

I heard the elevator alarm ring. One elevator opened. My eyes went around to check where it was and I also kinda noticed that MCEC was heading to the one on my right, the one in the middle. At the back of my mind I was like guessing that the elevator was not gonna go down. It's probably an "up" elevator, as I usually put it. But I know it was very silly of me to think that way. There are only more or less a couple of floors more above ours. Of course, there was no way MCEC was gonna go up there.

The elevator door suddenly opened and MCEC went inside.

I felt my feet and my legs turned to the opposite direction, back to the office. But after a split second, I turned around again and headed to the elevator instead. I realized that it would be so obvious if I backed out. I thought of being just as natural as I could be. And I think (I THINK) he was kinda pressing the "open" button to keep the doors opened for quite a while. Now...hey...I don't wanna add any meaning to that, ok? For all I know, perhaps he was just about to close the door as I entered so that my boobs would get squished and stuff. LOLZ!

MCEC stood near the elevator buttons while I was squeezing myself in to the sides, 45 degrees south west from where he was standing. I pretended that I was texting someone even though my keypads were still locked (LOLZ!) and I was like blabbering that there was no signal and stuff. SWEAR! I felt so silly! I just kinda wanted to hit my head on all 4 corners of the elevator right there and then.

The elevator door opened when we reached the 30th floor. A man pushing a cart with some boxes on it appeared and when he saw us, he just politely said that it was ok and that MCEC could close the door. WELL THANK YOU MANONG! LOLZ! But, honestly, I was kinda expecting for him to enter the elevator instead so as to break the awkward silence. MCEC wasn't talking to me during the entire time. He was just so still. And so was I.

I just stared at him for the next few minutes as we descended to the ground floor. It was very surreal. He was wearing blue long sleeves with some stripes and he's somewhat carrying what seemed to me as a shoe bag. Probably from Adidas. Guys like carrying that kinda bag, I assumed. While I was carrying a somewhat bright dirty white shoulder bag, my lunch bag, and my book, All Together Dead (one of the Sookie Stackhouse novels).

My heart was pounding unbelievably hard during the whole elevator ride. There he was, one of the most goodlooking and perfect-looking chinito guys that I've ever seen in my entire life. And he was just a few feet away from me.

But, that was just it. Nothing more. Nothing less. He was just there.

He wasn't talking to me. He didn't even say "hi" or "bye."

I wanted to break the awkward silence myself. But I thought that he might just break my neck if I did. LOLZ!

Alas. We reached the ground floor. He went out first and I followed him after a few seconds. He went to the lobby area and talked to some security guards (which, of course, I had no idea why) while I headed out of the building as I already saw my van near the "drop off" point.

I was so out of myself that I didn't even wait for my driver to have parked my van correctly. I just immediately opened the door. There was a Civic trailing right behind us but I didn't care anymore.

I glanced at MCEC for the very last time and I saw him still talking to someone at the reception area.

I opened the lights above me to get some Kleenex. I closed it immediately the moment I got hold of a ply of tissue.

And I patted my cheeks and the corners of my eyes dry....

*chinito = a guy with chinese-looking eyes

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Ming Meows said...

ang haba naman. pero we understand naman how cute is the guy.

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