The Devil wears Penshoppe

Here's an email I sent to Penshoppe with regard to my experience just today from one of their staff in Trinoma. 

It's been a long time since I last shopped for your brand and today I decided to visit your Trinoma Branch. I was looking for a pair of denim so when I got the pair I wanted, I asked the sales lady for a smaller size than the one I was holding, then with utterly complete disregard, she said "Ay Sir 29 lang po ang smallest size namin, yung 28 po sa ladies' section na po". I am a professional young gay guy who was dressed appropriately. Despite the fact that I am out (everyone I know knows my sexual preference), I found it very rude, unprofessional, and disrespectful of her to say that to me. While she was looking for a smaller pair, I left the store hoping to exit with a new pair of jeans, but all I took with me was an insult from one of your staff. Had it not been for my two friends who convinced me to shrug it off, I wouldn't have had the energy to continue shopping. We went to Landmark and found Penshoppe yet again. I really wanted to get the pair I held in my hands at the Trinoma branch so I took another shot, and I was glad to have received such great service from the staff that day. I got the pair with no insult attached to the denim. With regard to the incompetent and disrespectful girl who was in the Trinoma branch, she deserves a lesson in great customer service because she doesn't know how to give one. And it would be an embarrassment to your great company if this situation would happen to other potential customers thanks to her. I am hoping to hear from you soon to acknowledge my concern, or else, I'd go back and report that girl to the supervisor.

Let's wait for their reply.

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