COMING SOON! When Boy meets Boy Book 4: Naked Intentions

After staying in London for months, Adam’s finally back in Manila!

Determined to not be stressed out with his failed relationship with Jeremy, he wanted to start fresh. Aside from changing careers with the intention to finally do something worthwhile with his life, he also contemplated on whether he should go back abroad to finish his Masters or just stay at home.

However, things started to take an interesting turn when certain new and old people appeared and reappeared in his life.

First was James who’s trying to win him back.

Second was a mysterious guy who reads his blog (WBMB) and for some reason was able to find out Adam’s true identity.

Third, the impossible has just happened—Adam and Andre meet again.

And if that’s not enough drama, one major twist will send more than 1 of the characters packing abroad for good.

Is the Adam-Jeremy relationship really over? Will Adam rekindle his romance with James? Will the mysterious reader finally reveal Adam’s true identity? Will Adam and Andre finally take the next step?

It’s juicier

It’s bolder.

It’s meatier.

When Boy meets Boy
Book 4: Naked Intentions

Stripping on January 11, 2011


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December 30- Surprise
January 3- Sneak Peek of Book 4
January 8- Winner of the WBMB will be posted here

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