SNEAK PEEK: First Love, a prequel to WBMB

"Adam, wait!" James said as he cornered me in the classroom. "Are you avoiding me?

"Um, no. Why would I?"

I lied.

Truth was, I wanted to avoid James at all cost.

How can I possibly face him after what happened?

Then the images of that night started coming in.

James and I lying down, side by side.

His hand brushed mine.

The hesitation as we stared at each other.

The shiver that ran through my spine as our skin touched each other.

The kiss-- that magical kiss.

I could still fill his soft lips touch mine.

It was my first time and man, I couldn't explain how excatly felt. All I knew was, it felt damn good.

"Sorry James, I have to go."

I quickly walked away and left James alone.

What we did was wrong.

I must avoid him.

I must stay away from him.

It's the right thing to do. I don't want to hurt Mariane. I love her.

But if this was the right thing to do, why does my heart tell me otherwise.

First kiss, First love, First heartbreak.

Ever wondered what was Adam's life before his big break up with James?

How did it all started? What happened to them during their 10 year relationship? Why did it really end?

Now you'll know.

After all, before the drama and the heartache, there's the unexplainable bliss of FIRST LOVE.

FIRST LOVE, a prequel to WBMB

Coming this December 13, 2010!

NOTE: Can be read exclusively in WBMB's official Facebook page: FACEBOOK.COM/Whenboymeetsboy :)

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