I want to be FAIR, do you? (teaser)

Fair trade is an organized social movement and market-based approach to empowering producers and promoting sustainability.

It's an alternative trade and business model, fair trade encourages enterprises, particularly the small community-based ventures, to observe socially and environmentally just practices and to act as an active agent in improving the quality of life of their community.

Fair Trade Shop Cebu and Global Xchange Team 107 are unified in choosing to be FAIR.

This August, our unified statement is

"I want to be FAIR, do you?"

In an era of mass consumption, Fair Trade puts forward a big challenge for producers and consumers to seriously think about.

The underpaid workers at the far end of the line, the rapidly degrading environment, the fading cultural identity and traditions, the discriminated women, the exploited and overworked children, and the families and communities searching for means to survive.
Fair Trade organisations challenge everyone with a very basic inquiry – do we allow business and trade to contribute in perpetuating these social inequities and environmental injustice?

Join the FAIRness revolution this August!

Watch out for the launch FULL campaign ad on August 8 at the Fair Trade Shop in Cebu.

Photographer: JP Maunes
Creative directors: David Thompson & Toni Zuniga
Post Prod editor: Toni Zuniga
Models: Global Xchange Team 107

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