PBB to swap housemates with Finland

After almost a month on air, I was starting to get bored with Pinoy Big Brother (PBB), the Philippines' version of the Endemol-produced hit reality TV show. This week, I only tuned in twice just to see how our STRAP girl, Rica Paras is doing so far. As the joke goes, according to Ate Vi (that's Vilma Santos for you, an actress turned politician who has a quirky way of speaking), so far so good so far. During Rica's first week, she was asked by Big Brother to pretend that she's the girl friend of the Filipino-Austrian housemate, Rob Stumvol. They were able to pull off the task pretty well. It even reached a point where Rica and Rob had to pretend that they were getting married with Rob proposing and all. It had the entire nation glued to their TV sets. So many people found the Rica-Rob pretend love team so cute, including me and the girls.

This week I learned that the housemates are anticipating a swap where a housemate from the Philippines will be swapped with another from a Big Brother house abroad. This year PBB has a choice to swap with Big Brother in India, Africa, Finland, Turkey and France. A good friend of mine just told me that it's Finland. My friend is Finnish of course that's why he knows. According to him, the Big Brother Finland housemate they are sending to Manila is Katlin (see her pic below). She is 22 years old, an Aries born in Estonia. She moved to Finland when she was 16 and considers her immigration the biggest achievement in her life so far. Katlin is single and works in the grocery business. She likes dancing, drawing, going to the gym and roller skating. She smokes occasionally.

Katlin from Big Brother Finland

I hope they swap Rica with her. Rica is the most interesting pick among the PBB cast mates. I am sure that she will make the swap very memorable. Anyway, welcome to Manila Katlin! I hope you enjoy your week on PBB!

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baka si melay ang ipadala.

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