Pinoy Outburst on Jacque Bermejo's Facebook Shout Out


Marlowe Lacsina said...

I just received an email claiming to be an Official Statement of Jacque Bermejo on her alledged Facebook comment.

You can also participate in an on-going poll on whether you believe she really posted that comment or not Jacque Bermejo Poll Question and share your views.

Mulch said...

on a wall post about Jacque Bermejo's official statement, claiming that the hateful posts on facebook was not her, another DEVIL INCARNATE arises ... this time ... he "means" it.

Rivera Adrian posted: "you know what guys?! tama siguro yung sinabi nung jacque cuz were blessed n nand2 kami in abroad. cuz hindi kami corrupt and full of fuckin drama like u guys. so tama lng yang nangyari sa inyo ok?! im fuckin mean it to the fullest... sana nxt time ulit kasama n kayong ma wipe out.... hehehehe"

Knoxxy said...

wow shes a big "B"!

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