An Open Letter to ALL Filipino LGBT Organizations, Clans, Churches and Associations

In the spate of gay killings in the past few weeks, members and leaders of MCCQC, ProGAY-QC, SGO-Phils, OUTPhils, GABAY, IFTAS and other concerned LGBT groups and formations are joining forces in monitoring and documenting murder cases or hate crimes against us, not just the ones covered by media, but all. Documenting these cases would provide our legislators ammunition to pass the Anti-Discrimination Bill pending in congress as well as lobbying for an Anti-Hate Crime Bill.

We make this call to everyone: If you have heard or known of a murder or homicide case or any incident of violence which the LGBT community is targeted please send us the following information at the MCCQC e-mail or if you are a member of any of the participating organizations mentioned in this letter, contact your community leaders:

1. Name of the Victim
2. Age of the Victim
3. Profession of the Victim
4. Date of Crime
5. Circumstances how they were killed and how they were found
6. Notes or other information on the police investigation. When available, kindly inform us too of contact persons whom we can keep in touch with so we can verify and probe deeper into the case at hand.

Confidentiality regarding information on the victims and the respondents will be ensured. We all need to act to end the killings..

The information received will be used for dialogues with the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Thank you very much! Peace and safety be with us all.


line of flight said...

Two things to consider on "anti-gay hate" legislation. Since the criminal system is really a way of managing the poor and the poor are disproportionately impacted by it, any enhancement of already criminal conduct will only put more poor people away for longer. The other concern is putting into law a perpetual victim status of LGBTs.

For all of the good that the anti-violence against women and children act intended to do, if it had been written in a non-sexist way, it would have covered violence against gays and transgenders by making the wrongful act the issue and not the status or identity of the person acted against at issue.

Documenting as many cases of violence against LGBTs with as much detail is an excellent way to show that the law and its administration are failing LGBTs.

BiOutLoud said...


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