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I was on my way home when I got an itch to tune in to "Good times with Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee" on Magic 89.9. I've been hearing a lot about the trio from a friend on how good they carry any topics that's being brought on the table. She said it's a good jump-start for her day, I said what the "f"
I work during graveyard. But still I gave in.

DJ Mo heading the trio, is known for being bold, straight to the point, eloquent, witty, spontaneous and entertaining. I know no one that I know (or close to me) would admit that they like Mo Twister, or maybe few or very, very few rather. In the entertainment business, someone who's very upfront, tactless and sharp will always have a bunch of haters. Maybe more than half of the population who knows him hates him just like maybe same percentage of the Pinoy that hates Kris Aquino.

Tell it to me. Why am I not surprised?

Anywho, they can talk about anything and everything under the sun - from politics, current events, sex , relationships, funny things, culture, cool things and what-have-you. They're super and great!!! It's crazy in a good way! You'll learn things that you don't really put much attention to on your daily life, and I bet at one point if you'll listen to them you'll say to yourself something like, "Oo nga no!". Or maybe nod or smile. They're very entertaining and informative at the same time. Oh well, did I say they can talk about anything under the sun?

Just this morning, DJ Mo has brought up the topic about Mojo Jojo's billboard being taken down. Rumors said that the action was taken because certain influential church group people claimed that the billboard promotes a sinful life and even more they say that it is against the cultural and moral sensibilities of the general public.

HELLO?!? Since when "gayness" has become synonymous to sinful life?

Or since when "gayness" has become a violation of moral and cultural sensibilities of the general public?

I am not over reacting or sorts, I just can't help but to put it down here. It's sad that bigots still exists, if that's the reason for taking it down. I hope not. It's heartbreaking to know that most us thought and still thinking that gays are sinful. That we deviate with what's right or what's acceptable in this pea-brained (sorry for the term) society. We are not immoral, it has nothing to do with our lifestyle. If we act in sinful ways it's because we are human just like what you are. So being gay doesn't make us more sinful nor it won't make us less of a person that we are!

Naalala ko tuloy ang tukso sa mga bakla noong bata pa ako na "Ang mga bakla ay salot!". That's why I am trying to be discreet whenever I am out surrounded by strangers in public. That's why til' now I am still hiding the true me with most of our relatives every reunion. That's why I know there's a million like me who's still hiding on their hot and dark closets. I thought it's already accepted, I thought most of "straight" people understood and embraced the thought of "alternative lifestyle". Or so I thought.

Nakakasakit at Nakakalungkot lang talaga at the same time.

Here's the controversial billboard of Mojo Jojo with the tag line:

“I Wake Up Whiter and Gay Each Day”

I have to admit, the tag line is really double meaning. Whatever it means to you on how you understood it or how you would like to understand it. As for me, there are just 2 things I can think of, it's either to be more beautiful and get that confidence which is admittedly very gay-ish or get fairer and be happy. And what's wrong with that?

Btw, Mojo is gay all the while I thought he isn't...... til' this.

So what do you think?

(click and support the online petition to put up the billboard again, though I know as what Mojo Jojo has confirmed a while ago that it's soon to be put up again but on a new spot. Still to my friends, click to show support and to show that you are not one of the BIGOTS! LOVE ME, LOVE US!)


line of flight said...

Ironically, I think the ad will direct both conservatives and leftists to confirm what they've always suspected, "gay" identity is a foreign identity: gay = whiter.

the barefoot baklesa said...

that is quite insightful, Line of Light... the ad does strike me as remotely entertaining...

line of flight said...

i always find gluta ads funny -- like that one with the aeta before and after.

Ming Meows said...

just because of the word gay? or the macho guy behind him. For their info, mas maraming malalaswang billboards dyan...

Gabino Ang said...

I've signed the online petition with the following comment:

Dang CHURCH. I should be the one to put up a billboard with a CARDINAL SUCKING A DICK. Nonsense show of discrimination. I am explicitly insulted by the phrase "promoting a sinful life." Is this really how these men in suits perceive homosexuality? homosexuals? SINFUL? To hell with all of the church. PUT THIS BILLBOARD BACK. This is one great leap in the LGBTQ society. This is towards FREEDOM!!!

@LOF: your ideas overwhelm me. you always have a distinct blow on everything. (LOL)

line of flight said...

@ gabino ang: you're overwhelmed, imagine how I feel! hahaha.

QB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
QB said...

love the billboard. hate that it has to be put down. a real great leap for the gay community. to see the glass half full, at least a company has chosen a gay person to endorse their product, at best there is a petition to put the billboard back up. discrimination will still exist in every form, what we can do is to persevere.

if a church has really influenced the people in concern to take down that billboard, then its really a sad day for religion. truly, religion is slowly becoming a chauvinistic idealogy. this and many more reason, as to why i no longer heed the church.

~yeoj~ said...

As I haven't seen it [the billboard] personally, it was a lot more decent, in a sense, than I thought it looked like. All I know is that there's still a lot of hypocrite conservatives around this country.

What's worse though, being the closeted gay one for his entire life or the one who's just being all open about it. I think the repercussions of keeping it under cover would be a bigger 'hot tranny mess' than flaunting who you really are...if you know what I mean.

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