Be Practical??

When I was having coffee and smoke in our balcony to start my morning today, I overheard one nasty exchange of minds from that group of cute young boys who hang out at the house next to where I live, which went as follows:

Boy 1: Pare yang babaeng nagtatrabaho sa America priority yan.
Boy 2: Pero mas maganda pa rin pare ung based sa America o Americana talaga.
Boy 3: Bahala na kung ano yan Pare basta MAKAPAL ANG WALLET.
Boy 4: Oo nga, BE PRACTICAL, Pare.

The conversation left me clueless as to what to feel at the point of hearing it, but hell sure it raised a lot of questions from me. Well, yes, the looks of the members of this barkada is not a joke. They're one bunch of cute college boys. However, I don't see any reason for looks to be made a basis for assigning a corresponding value to one's self in looking for a mate.

Such conversation only made me realize that, in these hard times, the word "practicality" is already overrated, and consequently, finding a relationship has ineviteably deviated from its original purpose. The more I realized that today, guys use NOT JUST GAYS but GIRLS AS WELL. NOBODY IS SPARED. GENDER HAS CEASED TO BE AN ISSUE. Bakla o babae, pareho. Basta gusto mo ng lalake, YARI KA. What an ill objective in finding somebody.

Which reminds me of one short but cute, 19-year-old chubby guy neighbor when I was still in my previous Apartment in Don Galo. This guy is, until now, living life to the fullest with a P35,000 allowance from a Filipino middle-aged gay benefactor who works as a hairstylist in Paris. You see this boy having three or four top-of-the-line celphones on hand while treating the rest of the kanto boys to a drinking spree every night.

Ooops, I'm not finished yet. The parents of this guy are housed in a P1.2 million Bulacan home, and the dad now drives a brand new Toyota Altis. This boy has a yaya who goes to the extent of preparing the toiletries whenever he wants his bath, and this yaya serves as the "reporter" when Mummah Sang calls OVERSEAS EVERY SINGLE DAY to check on him.

The poor Mummah gay benefactor comes home once a year to treat the yummy boy to Asian tours for weeks, without knowing that, unfortunately, while he is out, yummy baby maintains a girlfriend back home.

I so feel for the poor gay benefactor. His hard-earned money is being squandered by some merciless, assholistic kid who doesn't even want to talk to him over the phone anymore but keeps receiving his remittances and asking for more. After practically lifting this boy including his family from the slums, PAGKATAPOS SILANG LAHAT GAWING TAO, THIS IS WHAT Mummah GETS. Oh well, maybe, allowing and enduring this ridiculous setup is Mummah's fault to begin with, but I cannot blame him for the grim choice; this boy is REALLY YUMMY, that I myself could have given in at one wink of his eye and fallen into his trap, had it not been for the precedent info from reliable sources of how expensive he was.

What has become of the world? Is it really this bad now? Is this how dangerous the dating scene has become? Is this really how difficult to haggle in the dating jungle when you honestly try [by mistake if that's how you want it called] to look for somebody to share your life with?

Mind you, this is so SCARY.

Now, does all this sum up the definition of PRACTICALITY?

God bless us all.

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