Stainedheart's Random: On Criticism and Compliments

I find it quite difficult to be unaffected by what people think or say about me. I’m human, I’m a social being. I need other people around me to feel happy, I need them to share my grieve. Of course that means that you have to open up for other people and let them be part of your life. That also means that along the way you’re bound to get hurt or that someone is going to flatter you for the wrong reasons. Learning to deal with that is an important part of growing up. But I also have learned that sometimes wisdom comes in the form of criticism. If you take a minute to think about what people are actually saying, you will find that very often there is an element of truth. You may not like the packaging, but there still is a little present inside. If you think it is worthwhile you can keep it, if not you can throw it away.

Compliments and criticisms are like rain drops striking the roof of a house: they just roll right on off. But if you want you can catch them and use them to grow something beautiful. - Pierre+Angelo

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the barefoot baklesa said...

As Oscar Wilde put it, you can only take so much of what people can say if you're being civil about it. But allowing it to affect you is another matter which is entirely up to you...

Levi said...


stainedheart said...

@ Levi: yes, i am from RBP din. hehehe. sorry i wasnt able to reply your text message awhile ago. I was in church. keep reading! hehehe

Live Life, Let Love, Love Life


Ming Meows said...

wow ha, parang guilty ako hehe.

bad people will always be there. we just have to move on and think positive. and the good life will follow.

stainedheart said...

@ Ming Meows: haha. palagi nlng guilty. hehe. ika nga din may kasabihan din tayo na "keep the good seeds, throw the bad ones out"... yun lang po..

keep meow-ing


the barefoot baklesa said...

Ming Meows,
we have a term for those kinds of people in the theater, we call them vampires...Hahahaha!!!

here's a song about them

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