Stainedheart's Random: Archangels Acoustic Covers

You know when you're just standing there, minding your own business, and then some song comes on from hell-know's-where, and it just reminds you of your awesome partner (or companion, if you're that way inclined). A few days from now it'll be another memorable day for both of us and I have ran out of ideas on how to surprise him. (silly me) lol. Since we both love music, I thought it would be nice to make a compilation CD for him. I made my own cover of the songs with an acoustic feel. And this time to make it more personal, I will be singing the songs. Please bear with the squeeking and etc... lol. Here's a list of songs that reminded me of my amazing hubby, Pierre. Now, I think it would be nice to share it with you guys. You can download the whole compilation here

Well, as a matter of fact, I'd love to share the details of how, when and why they hit me so hard, but I guess its way toooooo uber personal. hahaha. Just wanted to let you know guys that even now, I can't even think about these songs without gettin' all tore up (sometimes even at work, which can be quite embarrassing!). lol

Archangels Acoustic feat the 6th String


Blog For Noob said...

Nice songs

stainedheart said...

@ Blog For Noob: Thanks a lot.


stainedheart said...
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Frozen Prince said...

i love this post... it kinda makes me feel silly, looking back at the times that i was in a situation wherein im choosing what gift to give for valentines blah blah blah and i end up giving that someone a card- a simple card where all my emotions are express. We dont need to give expensive stuffs to please our love ones even a simple gift can warm their hearts.♥♥♥

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