adventure # 164: Love exists

"All you need is Love. Love is all you need"
-The Beatles

Does Love really exist?

Does love really, really exist?

When at this very second an innocent child is dying in Africa because of AIDS.

When at this very moment a school girl is being raped by a group of bored rich kids who are not afraid of being caught because they belong to a family of politicians.

When at this very moment a hungry street child is standing outside the window of a store that says "It serves billions."

When at this very moment, a child is secretly crying inside her bedroom closet because she overheard her parents arguing again for the hundredth time.

When at this very moment a mother is skipping meals in London just to save up so that she can send her family their monthly allowance in the Philippines.

When at this very moment a gay college student is being beaten up and ridiculed for just being himself.

When at this very moment the corrupt governor is buying a brand new car while his driver's son is sick of dengue.

When at this very moment I am crying.

Tell that love doesn't exist to a tired mother who just got home from work and saw a card made by her now sleeping son that says "You're the best Mom in the world"

Tell that love doesn't exist to a wet pedestrian who just got the surprise of his life when a kind stranger offered him his umbrella.

Tell that love doesn't exist to an elementary teacher who was visited by one of his students who just graduated from college to personally thank her for being the best teacher she has ever had.

Tell that love doesn't exist to a couple who after 10 years of waiting for a child finally got the result of the ultrasound stating that it's "Positive."

Tell that love doesn't exist to a gay man who wasn't abandoned by his friends and family after they learned that he is HIV positive.

Tell that love doesn't exist to an old lady who is now sitting comfortably in the LRT after a college boy who she doesn't know offered her his seat.

Tell that love doesn't exist to an old couple who after 70 years of being together still visits the place where they first met and hold hands the entire evening.

Tell that love doesn't exist to me who is still experiencing unconditional love from my family and friends.

Life is full of shit.

We all have our own reasons to hate it.

But to deny that love exist is synonymous to denying that we exist.

We need not to look for the perfect couple nor the best gift to experience how tangible love really is.

Sometimes all we need is just to look closely to realize that the glass is full.

Love does not exist.

post from the little superhero boy


Diwata said...

love it.. life is a bitch, yes. but to say that love does not exist, its just like saying pain is eternal... you see love more clearly right after you felt pain... because right there, the thin line being drawn between them makes it so distinct.

News Blog said...

Nice Post

Mac Callister said...

cute post i love it!

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