Stupid A-H1N1

The endless talks on the A-H1N1 virus have made the intellectual public believe that this threat has been overly sensationalized.

In yesterday's news, misconceptions on this dreaded virus were taken up, including the false belief that it is deadly and it is in the air. Apparently, it can be acquired through direct contact to fluids coming from an infected person (e.g., uncovered coughing and sneezing). As per contact with solid objects such as telephones, tables, etc., the virus stays active for 3 HOURS ONLY.

As of writing time, there are already 311 confirmed cases of A-H1N1 in the country. Some of the patients NEVER came into contact with infected people in other countries, e.g., those cases in Bulacan. Some of them, too, have been confirmed POSITIVE just with runny nose and sore throat, WITHOUT fever, body aches, and other worse symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea.

Which makes me wonder, what makes A-H1N1 A-H1N1 in the first place? Facts have it that IT IS A NEW THREAD of the influenza virus. Period. From what I know, it is DEADLY (as a lot have died in other countries) because of high fever, vomiting, and diarhhea, which sets it apart from the existing ordinary flu virus strain (Influenza A and B) that only poses the threat of low-grade fever and minor joint aches.

If we call it A-H1N1 for its giving RUNNY NOSE and SORE THROAT and nothing else, could it be that such subtype of the flu virus HAS ALWAYS BEEN EXISTENT and it is only now that it is being named? If it is as simple as this and it is not deadly, why fear it? Why the PANIC? Cold and cough without fever and anything worse IS NOT NEW TO US, as much as normal flu is not, which only makes me convinced all the more that SENSATIONALIZING this issue on A-H1N1 has become ANOTHER BUSINESS TOOL for new and higher REVENUES in the pharmacological industry.


  • tamiflu
  • surgical masks
  • alcohol
  • hand sanitizer
  • vitamins
The University of the Philippines, which has spearheaded an information drive on A-H1N1, is firm on its stand that THE EXISTING FLU VIRUS is even more deadly than A-H1N1.

And lest we forget, the rainy season is always a time for influenza, A-H1N1 or no A-H1N1. Health authorities might want to focus their attention in preventing DENGUE FEVER, which is tantamount to spread during this season too.

A-H1N1. Utterly stupid.


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