Baguio City Council FORGIVES Candy

Akala 'nyo Igorot ako, hindi ako Igorot, tao po ako.

The famous devastating punchline by comedian Candy Pangilinan in her May 2009 show in Baguio City, which made her declared as "persona non grata" and banned from city premises, including her shows.

After numerous on-air apologies, Candy went back to Baguio today to face the city council, and was finally FORGIVEN.

I don't have much to say on this issue except that I don't condemn Candy for what happened. I'm sure she just lacked the necessary research on how sensitive Baguio indigenous folks are when it comes to their being a "minority." One false word and you're done. I experienced this myself when I took classes there. The term Igorot is something really to be careful of, more than God's word, when you're in Baguio (or anywhere in the Cordillera for that matter) and interacting with these people.

A bad joke that it was, it is a common mistake among all those who haven't experienced the wrath of Igorots when it comes to their race and culture. So Candy's case should serve as a lesson to everybody.

Oh well, moving forward, to lighten up the load, i know this is quite offbeat, but based on first-hand experience, Igorot boys are SO DAMN HOT! When they're good looking, they're really GOOD LOOKING. And talk about endowment. Hahaha. FULLSTOP. [Told you this was offbeat!]

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Mac Callister said...

lets face it,its really a bad joke.

lalo na't andun ka mismo sa lugar nila hehe.good thing she learned her lesson and napatawad na siya,its about time

Ming Meows said...

Just because nakabahag lang sila doesn't make them less than a person.

kokoi said...

when they're good looking, they're really good looking. hehe. i live in baguio. yun lang...

Anonymous said...

although its a bad joke.. why are "igorots" so sensitive at being called igorots? arent they proud to be one? I studied there too and they are not so proud of their blood! shame on those people

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