Vote for your Hottie of the week

Every Monday 5 guys will be randomly picked from Manjam, PlanetRomeo (Guys4Men), Friendster, Downelink, Multiply and Lifeout whom we thought has the X-Hotness and will be posted in stainedheart's blog and its up for voting for the entire week. And please stop asking me if I have their email addresses........ it doesn't mean that I know them personally. Anyway, in order to view the hunky hotties, just click here.


Letters to the Philippines said...

That was exciting!


Anonymous said...

My hottie of the week goes to the one and only new face, the cutie that gave us the sweetest smile ever "Coke lang siyempre" Andre Endique. Recently he's part of the Mossimo Bikini Summit 09. I heard he is the favorite to win. Check him out, he's so gourgeous and has the most honest, sincere face ever.
Andre Endique to me is the best and the only one in my list. Thanks!!!!

PopMax said...

i'm jelly. pfft. bakit walang hottie of the week para sa mga tomboy :D

Anonymous said...

Andre is the best in every angle too bad the judges didn't see that. Andre will prevail!!!!

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