That high school crush

April 26, 2009

I watched "Never Been Kissed" yesterday afternoon. It's one of my most loved movies (among the feel-good ones), plus, I certainly love Drew Barrymore as well.

This is not a movie review so don't expect me to really digest each and every bit of the movie. Of course it has some flaws, some "was that for real?" moments. But I really love its ending. I think this movie has one of the most perfectly romantic endings ever. Waiting for the guy to give you your first be witnessed by hundreds of people (personally) and millions of others worldwide.

Have you ever been kissed by someone? By someone you think is special? Well, I guess that's a pretty silly question. Of course, a lot of you have been kissed already. But, I guess it's just really different in my case.

I've never been kissed.

This movie made me remember my high school and college days. I can actually relate to Josie Gellar, the heroine in the movie. Not because I was exactly like her when I was young, but plainly because I've also kinda undergone those moments that she had experienced when she was still in high school.

To tell you honestly, it pays to be a smart gay in school. To be at the top of your class. To win awards in competitions and assume leadership positions in school organizations. I don't wanna be a braggart but I could wholeheartedly say that I was that kinda gay when I was young. Boys won't bully you that much (of course, there are still those who would from time to time). Life will be a little normal.

But, of course, there will always be something missing. Even if you excel in class, even if you excel in your extra-curriculars, even if you're a little known in the entire campus....

There's still something missing.

And you can only feel that see this guy in campus and all of a sudden your day brightens up and you feel good and as if everything else doesn't matter to you anymore. It's just him and you.

Your first crush, your first love. But sometimes, the sad thing is, it'll just forever remain that way. It's like that guy is so way outta your reach. He doesn't talk to you, he doesn't care about you. It's as if he doesn't even know you exist.

It's like you're just a laughing stock to him.

You do everthing that you can in order for him to notice you but it just doesn't work. He's straight. He's always with his straight friends who are as equally gorgeous as he is. Part of the popular kids in campus. Campus heartthrobs, as they say.

While're just an ordinary person. Even if you excel in your own field, for that guy, you are just ordinary.

I'm gonna write something again about this next time. This is how far as I can get at this point.

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JC.TSU said...

Lolz.. Api apihan ako nung high school ako eh.. Hehehe.. Pero ok lang.. Everything worked out for the best naman eh.. Kaya di ko na din babaguhin ung mga experience back in highschool

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