Blogging: a mockery?

I could hardly believe my ears when, over lunch with a group of office mates one day, I heard a devastating conversation from the other end of the table regarding a friend who was known to regularly update his blogs. The conversation went something like, "Di ko pa nakikita un...baka naman late lang?" The sarcastic answer of this egoistic bastard was, "baka nagb-blog pa!" And there was a sudden burst of loud, insulting LAUGHTER.

Contemplative as I am, I pondered on the scene and got to ask myself, is this how bad these people view and MOCK writers who find blogging as an avenue to express their thoughts and emotions? While we writers find it fulfilling to scribble our thoughts in the hopes of sharing it with the public and with readers who can relate with us, unknowingly, the majority of people MOCK US and seemingly find WRITING, BLOGGING, and READING BLOGS a waste of time, a ridiculous practice, or a PATHETIC recourse.

This is VERY SAD to realize. Yes, we know there are countless pieces of crap and trash being written in many blogs; however, what about writers who do it intelligently with a lot of sense? Like that friend of mine who they were laughing at at over lunch?

Millions of blog pieces are being put to waste with the majority of our target audience being composed of (excuse me for saying this) senseless, uneducated (or, if educated, just plainly stupid), unprofessional, and braineless individuals. Of course we know that we writers cannot force people to read our blogs as the passion of reading is not in every individual. However, we just ask for a LITTLE RESPECT to our writing passion and prowess. If you don't want to read, SO BE IT, but, PLEASE, spare us from devastating comments and mocking laughter.

As I always say, LET LIVE!


line of flight said...

if you look at blogging in terms of access to information, it is only natural for a petty bourgeois identified office mate to oppose it. tragic because his liberation is likely to come from a rhizomatic revolutionary spirit and moment blogcasting from the blogosphere

Bryan Anthony the First said...

a shrug. for your office mates. second rate intellects.

Oliver said...


they are below our level so KIYEMBOT lang te! KIYEMBOT!

Knoxxy said...

to each his/her own!

Mac Callister said...

ganyan talaga,you cant control other peoples thought,they have their own mind,let them be,there are some who are sensible enough and some are just plain stupid hehe.

i guess its part of blogging,the nice ones and the bichy ones.

LhanDz said...

may ganun? well siguro di pa nila naexperience magblog. Honestly, before nagbabasa lang din ako ng mga blogs ng friends ko until I was convinced to create my own kasi somehow gusto ko rin magsulat. Refreshing and one thing that you can be proud of lalo na kapag may complement kang nakukuha from the articlles that you created. Fulfillment lang naman yan eh. Siguro fulfillment nila mangokray. heheh..

Ian said...

di ko alam elitista pala ang mga bloggers
wonderful article
take it easy on them
im sure they dont even know what they were talking about

Rockerfem Sha said...

hanggang ngayon issue pa din yan. yung legitimacy daw ng mga isinusulat ng mga bloggers kasi wala daw "standards" like the "real writers" na nagsusulat sa tri-media. Hindi lang nila alam na mas powerful pa ang bloggers sa pagspread ng news. WE can destroy them in one minute. Just what happened with the valley golf incident.

Also, ang alam lang ata nila eh emo bloggers. eXcusse meeeehh!

Yffar (^^,) said...


this is the next generation of writing

wala tayong pakialam sa sasabihin ng iba.

blogging is one way of expressing one self..

art can be for art sake, or can be for personal gratification, or for social advocacy or any purpose it may serve


parteeboi said...

i would feel pity than irked. :-)

cant_u_read said...

exactly the reason why we should write just for our own satisfaction, and not for others'.

we should not strive to gather a huge audience, but a relevant one. quality over quantity. just keep writing, in doing so, we allow the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. sure, many people may find it senseless and unworthy of their time, but someday, somehow, one person will come across one of our entries and will change his life for the better. that's more rewarding by being read by many who do not really understand us.


JC.TSU said...

Nakakalungkot naman at may mga low-lifes pala na hindi nakakaapreciate sa mga bloggers.. Tsk tsk tsk..

Siguro tingin nila sa mga bloggers eh walang life, kaya nagbablog na lang.. Pero that is definitely wrong.. What else will bloggers blog about but about life.. Their take on life and how to solve a problem in life.. Hayyz..

Andaming unappreciated things in life talaga..


PopMax said...

pagyumaman yung opismeyt nila dahil sa adsense at iba pang affiliate programs, magmumukha silang shunga. :D :D :D

bebot said...


maybe they find it mockery its because they're just insecure with their officemate..or maybe they're just simply dull..inggitera talaga!..

i think blogging is just a way of expression..ang cute kaya mg-blog!..wee

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