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April 8, 2009Thanks to Twilight, I've somehow developed a special liking to vampires. Well, it's not that I've actually met one (if there's even one in the first place). It's just kinda like...vampires somehow grew on me. LOLZ!I so still wanna have a vampire boyfriend.Anyway, just allow me to introduce you to Sookie. Sookie Stackhouse.Sookie is more like the "adult version" of Bella. She's the main character in the "Sookie Stackhouse Novels" (well, the name says it all) created by the genius, Charlaine Harris. Now, for those who are 16 years old and below, these books may not be for you since they kinda have some "adult" topics in it like sex and stuff. Just wait until you reach 18 or so.Going back...Sookie works as a cocktail waitress in Merlotte's, a local bar in Bon Temps which is a small town in Southern Louisiana. It's owned by Sam, Sookie's boss (and some sort of admirer in a way), who is a shapeshifter. His favorite form is a collie (so cute, eh?). And then one night, a vampire visits the bar, Bill Compton. Now, obviously, he's like the "adult version" of Edward (it's just that he's not described in the books as "inhumanly beautiful"). Sookie is a telepath so she kinda hears what's in everyone's minds (so opposite in Twilight wherein it's Edward who's the telepath and not Bella). She immediately notices that Bill is a vampire since she can't read his mind (according to her, vampires don't have brain waves because they're practically dead...or just undead but dead...or whatever). So, to cut the long story short, Sookie has to save Bill that night from some "drainers" (people who drain vampires of their blood and sell them to the black market because vampire blood is kinda like the best drug there is; it makes one look more appealing and hyper in one way or another). Again, it's so opposite of Twilight whereas it's Edward who saves Bella from being crushed by a minivan.Now, that's just the intro. And that's from the first book, Dead Until Dark. I've already read it and I'm now in the fourth one, Dead to the World (it kinda reminds me of a Marilyn Manson concert some time in the past). I've read Living Dead in Dallas and Club Dead. It's in Living Dead in Dallas where, I think, the werewolves are first mentioned. And it's in Club Dead where Sookie first meets a werewolf, Alcide (a hot one at that, according to her).One thing that's really so "original" and "unique" in this series is are "legal." They've been given the legal rights to come out and "live" (LOLZ @ "live") in public like normal people. American people, that is. Some vampires in Asia and Europe, according to the books, are still hiding in their coffins and don't wanna get recognized.Another one is "True Blood." It's a synthetic blood "drink" made only for vampires by some whiz Japanese guys. It can be bought in bars and even in convenience stores. Because of this, vampires no longer have to get blood from humans. They can just buy themselves "True Blood" whenever they feel like being hungry. But, of course, human blood still tastes differently that's why there are "fangbangers" or those people who are so overly curious and addicted to making out with vampires. Vampires can just bite on them and take some "sip" of their blood from time to time without making them a vampire in the process or even killing them (in Twilight, a vampire bite can induce enough venom to make one a vampire but here in the Sookie Stackhouse novels, a human can turn into a vampire if his blood is drained by the vampire and is replaced by vampire complicated, right?).Anyway, I think there are 9 books all in all and the 9th one is yet to be released this May. It's entitled Dead and Gone. I've already bought the 8 books a few weeks ago because I kinda learned my lesson already thanks to my previous Twilight Saga book-hunting experience.Tomorrow is the Philippine premiere of True Blood which is the TV adaptation of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. It stars Anna Paquin (the one who played "Rogue" in the X-Men trilogy) and Stephen Moyer (a British actor). It's pretty amazing because the cast of True Blood is made up of different nationalities. Anna is from New Zealand, Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse, Sookie's hot older brother) is from Australia, Stephen is from England (he said he's English so I assume that he's from England) and so on. The series itself is filled with...well...scenes that had some "sensual" element, thanks to Jason's playboy character and the vampires being an eye for you-know-what.By the way, Anna and Stephen are officially dating. In real life. Or so I heard.So, for those of you who want to "kill" some time while waiting for "Midnight Sun" or for the release of "New Moon" the movie, you may wanna opt to sink your teeth in and indulge into the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I suggest you read Dead Until Dark first. No skipping. But, then again, it'll depend if there are still stocks available in the bookstores. But, I think National Bookstore has stocks. You may go buy it in, too. I bought some of my books there. Also in Borders. may also tune in to Max (formerly known as Cinemax) tomorrow night, Thursday, 9PM (not so sure about the timeslot but I think it's 9PM). I've already watched the series but I plan to watch it again (silly me...I'm really a fan...what can you expect?).

The series is not so faithful to the book, by the way, which is kinda something that one can expect. I've been very very very curious as to who was gonna portray Bubba (Bubba or's said in the book that an Elvis fan, who happens to be a vampire who works in a morgue, has turned Elvis into a...what else...vampire). But he never appeared in "True Blood" season 1. I sure do hope that he'll appear in season 2, though.

I love True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

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