Here are the signs of a BOYFRIEND worth keeping. Enjoy! :)

  1. Does not want to show you his celphone; accepts calls and answers text messages in front of you but considers it a CRIME on your part to simply ask who he is talking with
  2. Hates questions, avoids simple confrontations [great escapist!]
  3. Tells leading information but hates it when you dig deeper [e.g., i waited for sombody. you ask, sino? sagot: TAO.]
  4. Does not want to introduce you to his friends, when you have introduced him even to your family [in short, ikinakahiya ka!]
  5. Evades healthy discussions of problems, buries them to eternity, and kisses and makes up [nothing is resolved]
  6. Does not listen when you fight; bombards you with insults even in your efforts to fix a problem, thus adding great insult to simple injury
  7. Does not want to get employed even if qualified and experienced; instead, wants to put up business and pressures you to produce capital for a business in his name
  8. Welcomes his friends to your home and even to your bedroom without prior arrangement
  9. Finds jealousy and possesiveness “CHEAP” and irrelevant
  10. Requires you to TRUST him when he shows all reasons for you NOT TO TRUST
  11. Does not even get jealous and seems so confident that YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT HIM
  12. Considers you the LUCKIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD FOR HAVING HIM and says it straight on your face ALL THE TIME
  13. Tells you that there is someone out there who can take him away from you ANYTIME and who you should be insecure of
  14. Makes you FALL HARD for him for a long time before he lets out his REAL COLOR and MOTIVE
  15. Does not respect you and the members of your family, speaks ILL of them, and even PHYSICALLY HURTS THEM in front of you right in your own home (criminal!)
  16. Doesn’t have a FIRM GRASP on reality, LIVES ON ILLUSIONS, and does not keep his feet on the ground; thinks so highly of himself, talks so high, when in realith HE DOES NOT HAVE A SINGLE PENNY [kahit pamasahe HUMIHINGI SAYO]
  17. Does not care about WHAT YOU FEEL for as long as he does what he wants
  18. Does not show compassion to your stress and exhaution after a day’s work
  19. Does not want to strike compromise, wants to have his way, and does not make an effort to synergize [in ALL THINGS]
  20. Does not SHOW REMORSE at something wrong he has done to you, just gives you a very insincere “I’M SORRY,” and wants everything completely FORGOTTEN after saying it
  21. Does not show sympathy to the problems you have at hand because he does not want to destroy his day
  22. Considers himself rich, considers you and your family as "LESS," and speaks in a condescending tone all the time, when in reality he is AS POOR AS A RAT
  23. Considers you a LOWER BEING than himself
  24. Considers even your effort to discuss and fix your problems as INSULT and CONFRONTATION
  25. Does not respect BRAINS and TALENT and considers money as the ULTIMATE GOD
  26. Claims to have graduated from a reputable school but does not show his credentials and does not respect intellectual knowledge
  27. Does not WANT TO CHANGE OR BEND A BIT FOR YOUR SAKE and presents the asshole that he is, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, on the excuse of maintaining his “INDIVIDUALITY” and on confident ground that YOU ARE THE ONE WHO NEEDS HIM
  28. Does not tell you his problems about you but, instead, tells your GOOD FRIENDS everything to the most minute detail
  29. Collects and watches too much porn in front of you but does not even care to have sex with you and, worse, bluntly rejects you if you initiate the move
  30. Lastly, NEVER WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU, doesn’t tell you WHY, and does not lift a finger to solve or even discuss the problem.

So, if your boyfriends have all 30, I wish you 101% ENJOYMENT. Good luck! :P


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goodluck :)

JC.TSU said...

lolz.. sarcastic!?

goodluck talaga.. ^_^

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