"Wonder Moms" to "wonder gay kids"

"Wonder Mom" is a show in ABS-CBN that caters to moms and moms-to-be. It gives useful and relevant tips mostly about raising a family, how to deal with kids, and, of course, how to be a "wonder mom." The host of the show is a "wonder mom" herself, Karen Davila, a renowned broadcast journalist here in the Philippines.

They had a very interesting episode last Saturday. It's about those moms who have gay kids. And when I say kids, they're really just...kids. As young as 6 or 7 years old. They kinda have this small group that they call "Little Gay Sorority" or something like that. These kids had a choice to be guys. They're still young. But they chose to be true to themselves. Just like what I've always said before, being gay is a choice. And the kind of life that you will have as a gay person will also still always be your own choice and doing.

It's pretty much a good episode. I was surprised how "out" those kids were even at such a very tender age. They act and dress effeminately. It's how they express themselves, so, I just hafta let them be. I think it's just ok. And besides, they know their limitations anyway. And they do well in school. That's a plus. In addition, they also help their moms in doing household chores: washing the dishes, doing the laundry, cooking, sweeping the floor, among others. I salute them.

They also mentioned some resentful things that they experience with people, with guys, with their older male siblings. I know it's really hard for them. I've been to that kind of situation before. I was young once. And, of course, I'm still young until now. But, I just know how hard it is to be a young gay. You really need to excel in school or in your community for people not to demean you.

I admire their moms for accepting their kids as who they are. They were very open with their kids' situation. But there was one instance when Karen asked the moms about a particular alarming question. Sex. Sex with guys in particular. I didn't see that coming. I wasn't expecting for her to ask those moms that question. It kinda made me feel bad. It seemed to me like us, gays, are only after guys for sex. I think it's not right. She should've asked something about like... having guy crushes or falling in love with guys. And not having sex with guys. We, gays, also know how to love and fall in love. And we don't look at guys as sex objects. Maybe for some gays, that is the case. But for me, and hopefully for those kids, too, it certainly isn't.

I hope we can still have more episodes like that in other shows. It's very obvious that gays aren't accepted yet in our society. It's very obvious that people still look at gays as someone who's just suited in the four corners of a beauty salon. But, what the heck. At least we have an eye for beauty; at least we make things beautiful. Though, there are some gays who are discreet, hiding their true self, protecting themselves, protecting their families. I don't blame them. It's their own choice. But, then again, if you try to be discreet, you're just still conforming to the norms of this society that don't openly accept gay people.

As for me, I try to be myself. No. I just be myself. Everytime. Everywhere. I don't care about what other people may think. I am who I am. As long as I know that I'm not doing anything wrong, as long as I know that God loves me as who I am...then I'll be good.

I wish all the best and more happiness to those little gays and their moms. And more to Wonder Mom, too.



Ming Meows said...

sana may youtube para maka view ako

Lesfriendly Girl said...

sad i missed this! i agree, sana may youtube video din!

LhanDz said...

oo nga na miss ko rin tong episode na to.. tulog ako nun hehehe..

Herbs D. said...

moms are just really the beeest :)

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