This season, which American Reality Show has the Filipino Contestant???

A few years back there was Jasmine Trias (and the other contestant who ACTUALLY acknowledged her Filipino descent)

Last season there was Ramielle Malubay...

Wondering where the Filipino is in the latest reality shows?

Why it's in RuPaul's Drag Race!!!

YESSS!!! My favorite drag contender (well at least the one which I feel has the MOST talent), Ongina (aka Ryan Ong Palao), mentioned in her very MOVING revelation during this week's episode that she grew up from the Philippines!

In a very unexpected turn of events during the judging/elimination, Ongina, after being named the winner of the Mac Viva Glam Challenge, breaks down into tears. After recovering herself she reveals that she's been living with HIV for two years and has still to tell his parents about it (and then somehow, in the midst of the drama, Ongina reveals she's from the Philippines)...

Check out a post-Viva Glam Challenge interview of Ongina:

Well, nevermind the issues, just check out how ferosh this bitch is:

Just imagine the struggles she must have gone through to get to that point... migrating, adjusting to the new environment, coming out, all the drama of it all, the usual issue on people doing drag, etc etc.. and THEN HIV..

ooooh and here's more ferosh pics from her MySpace:

And she's so cheerful, vibrant, and fun on screen... that is one strong Pinoy in drag in a foreign country!!!

SOme would say that this is not exactly an ideal representation of Filipinos, I say, take that!!! I You go GURL!!!

Watch Ongina perform:

and have I mentioned that as a boy he's kinda hot?

he's the one at the bottom right corner

Mabuhay ang mga baklang Pinoy!!!


Ande "ahnday" said...

I LOVE RYAN (ONGINA) he has to be my favorite right now. I have always like Jasmine Trias when she used to preform at the fair her on MAUI and I actually know Camille Velasco's Family! yay for FILIPINO STARS gotta love them

Ming Meows said...

i wish i cud see the show

Pura said...

ongina is so maferi... we love her...

Oliver said...

@ ming meows

teh! may torrent na siya! download kamown!!!

Oliver said...


pasok sa banga, kapatid! that was the girl i forgot!

Ande "ahnday" said...

@Oliver lol. Everyone always forgets her! She was not that great, wrong show for her...

@ming meows go to or my page and it will direct you to a link for all the episodes on DRAG RACE and other films and shows...I LOVE LOGO and HERE TV!

cant_u_read said...

how are u able to watch the episodes? i've been trying since two weeks ago to find a download/viewing site for it. couldn't find any. :-(

Empress Maruja said...

Online vids of RuPaul's Drag Race has been removed on YouTube, and its official website only allows US residents to view the clips. Let's just hope that either it will be shown in Asia (or someone would be crafty enough to distribute it on Torrent, for those who are as impatient as I am).

Anyway, I love Ongina's description on how he got his drag name:

"My middle name is Ong and I am blessed with a certain 'Eye-na.'"

Oliver said...

@ Maruja:

teh, there's already a torrent na! Just search for "RuPaul's Drag race" @!

This week will be ep 5 na!

JC.TSU said...


hands down kay Ryan..!

Galing galing..



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