Put a bible over your penis and no more condoms.

Who could've thought that the cure to HIV-AIDS is the Bible all along? That putting this book over an erect penis before intercourse is the only guaranteed way to prevent the spread this disease.

Any guess who the said this?
Suprise! Suprise! Its the Pope.


May cause chafing
"POPE Benedict last night claimed that placing a bible over an erect penis before intercourse is the only guaranteed way to prevent the spread of Aids.

Speaking before his tour of Africa, the Pontiff said Aids could only be tackled by the 'traditional teaching of the church' and not a latex rubber sheath that contains infected semen and prevents it from transferring the virus to another human being.

Experts said that either the Pope is suggesting the bible is used like a condom, or he doesn't know what a condom is.

Dr Emma Bradford, of Reading University, said: "I guess you would have to rip out a few pages of Leviticus and then somehow fashion them into a condom-like device using lots and lots of masking tape.

"Or you could shred the pages, soak them in water and construct something that looks a bit like a paper maché cigar tube."

Dr Bradford added: "It has to be one of those two because suggesting that the African Aids epidemic can be contained simply by reading the bible would be criminally insane."

Since his inauguration in 2005 the Pope has continued the Church's strong opposition to condoms by calling for abstinence, supervised heavy petting and whacking it repeatedly with a wooden spoon until it goes all soft again.

Meanwhile the Vatican has issued this year's list of approved non-penetrative carnal techniques including pearl necklaces, light genital branding and something called 'Dutch steamboating'."


Is it just me or has the Pope gone nuts? I've found out of a group who plans to send the Pope a condom soon, maybe the old man doesn't know what condom looks like and how it can save, not only a thousand, but a billion of lives around the world.

Now, speaking of the Catholic church- have you heard about the REPRODUCTION HEALTH BILL yet?

The Bishops of our country is saying that RP shouldn't practice on using condoms but through a natural way of family planning. This ACT only sparks an explosion of AIDS to millions of people if unprotected sex is done; especially with OUR community. Have they gone mad? or are they just way too envy with us having sex?


"The Philippines is courting an HIV/AIDS explosion by pandering to religious objections to condom use, Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today.

The Philippine government’s inadequate HIV-prevention policies put at grave risk large numbers of men, women and children who could contract this incurable disease. Condoms are the only widely available device for preventing sexual transmission of HIV and have proven highly effective when used correctly and consistently.

“The Philippines is courting an AIDS epidemic with its anti-condom approach,” said Jonathan Cohen, a researcher with Human Rights Watch’s HIV/AIDS Program and author of the report. “The casualties will be millions of people who cannot protect themselves from HIV infection.”

In its 70-page report, Unprotected: Sex, Condoms, and the Human Right to Health in the Philippines, Human Rights Watch said that the Philippine government bans the use of national funds for condom supplies. Some local authorities, such as the mayor of Manila City, prohibit the distribution of condoms in government health facilities. School-based HIV/AIDS educators told Human Rights Watch that schools often prohibited them from discussing condoms with students.

In 2003, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) successfully blocked legislation that would have authorized the use of national funds for condoms and other contraceptive supplies. That same year, the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo awarded a P$50 million (U.S.$888,000) contract to an organization, Couples for Christ, to provide “natural family planning” seminars that discourage condom use. Nurses in government health clinics in Manila teach that condoms have holes in them, sources said, a myth that has also been articulated by Vatican spokesmen.

“The argument that condoms have holes in them is itself full of holes,” said Cohen. “The government should immediately counter this false pseudoscience with correct information.”

The report criticizes the Philippines for failing to provide complete HIV/AIDS information to sex workers and other groups at high risk of HIV infection. Sex workers told Human Rights Watch that they rarely use condoms and sometimes question their effectiveness. Other sex workers said police used possession of condoms as evidence to prosecute prostitution. Students who were interviewed said that condoms were only for birth control, reflecting church teachings.

This combination of high-risk sexual practices and low condom use has led experts to fear an HIV/AIDS explosion in the Philippines. The government boasts that HIV/AIDS’ spread in the country is “low and slow”—only 10,000 cases in a country of 84 million.

The United States announced in 2002 that it would no longer donate condoms to the Philippines, causing an unprecedented condom supply crisis. The announcement coincided with the scaling up of U.S.-funded “abstinence until marriage” programs, now a staple of U.S. foreign AIDS policy. Since President George W. Bush took office in 2000, his administration has removed information about condoms from government websites, appointed physicians who oppose condoms as high-level advisers on HIV/AIDS, and opposed references to condoms in United Nations policy documents. The United States opposed a reference to “consistent condom use” at the 2002 Asian and Pacific Population Conference.

“Silence and lies about condoms undermine HIV prevention for all Filipinos, and condom shortages condemn the poorest to facing the highest risk,” said Cohen. “To deny people condoms is to infringe their right to life.”

Human Rights Watch urged candidates in the Philippines’ May 10 presidential election to address the urgent need for HIV/AIDS education, including the importance of condom use as a life-saving prevention tool."

source: http://www.hrw.org/en/news/2004/05/04/philippines-anti-condom-policies-could-spark-aids-explosion

If you don't think that a decision of a bunch of virgin old men (BCCP) should be the one to think whats right for US. Support the REPRODUCTION HEALTH BILL by signing this petition.



the barefoot baklesa said...

i've always been a good catholic school gay, este boy... but this is the one thing that's got my wand in a knot. I believe the church has a long way to go on this one. Benedict XVI is one Pope off his rocking chair.

but if you look at it, the reason why we get so worked up by statements such as these is because of the figure that spoke it. if some evangelical from some other christian sect says it, we just brush it off as redneck fundamentalism...

oh well..

line of flight said...

After the Santo Papa claimed that gays were a danger to the Earth like global warming, it became clear that the man is not committed to rigorous science. The Pope's statement on condoms is nothing short of kulam towards the people of Africa and the Global South.

Mark Ryan said...

I'm an atheist so I don't really care what these kind of religion heads say-but when they're just really trying to mess up with the congress-now thats fucked up.

no condoms means higher chances of AIDS in these country. They won't really expect us to live with no sex will they? nor is it to lessen or promiscousity.

unless they don't consider US as HUMANS too.

signed the petition :) you guys out there should do it to-if you really want some change in this country.

when will the marriage equality bill petition be up?

Ming Meows said...

padalhan niyo rin si Pope ng sex tape

Herbs D. said...

ditto Ming meows!

Pura said...

i just can't believe it.. this news is like a ticker in sim city.. haha...

JC.TSU said...

Lolz.. Kakaibang way siguro to ni Pope sa pagsasabing abstinence is the best way to prevent the spread of AIDS.. Hehehe

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