The Lesbian Blogger Experience

by the lesfriendly girl

I was a lesbian first, a blogger next. But that’s because I’ve always been a lesbian. Since I was born, even.

I was a blogger when the social networking Multiply got famous. I first started posting personal blogs, then eventually what people would call “spam” – advertisements for events, sales and what-have-you for my lesbians organizations: Lunduyan ng Sining and GALANG (Gay and Lesbian Activist Network for Gender Equality).

And then came the idea of blogging specifically for a lesbian target audience and setting up a separate site for it.

I can say that Rainbow Bloggers inspired me – I saw them at the 2008 TFP Pride March stage and I had the most selfish motive to be up there with them (the selfishness has gone now that I’m a Rainbow Blogger *cough*). So I set up - my blog that talks about anything lesbian that pops into my mind.

Anyway, fast forward to now, being a lesbian blogger has its perks. Due to the rarity of public Philippine lesbian blogs (separate from the personal blogs of the lezzies), I get a lot of special requests for posts (mostly ridiculous), I am now the victim of spam, and moderating my blog has become increasingly time-consuming each day.

I can understand now how people become professional bloggers. Its addicting and financially rewarding if we lay our cards right. You get special perks and access to events and first dibs on news and updates about the community.

Sounds appealing? Don’t get carried away just yet. Running a quality blog needs at least a couple of hours a day of updating the site, making sure its spam-free, answering emails, and, of course, doing research to post entries. Most people just don’t have the time. Heck, even I am guilty of going by a week without posting anything.

But the rewards are worth it. Just reading the comments on my blog, no matter how mundane, makes me smile as I think about all the lesbians out there who are probably picking up a thing or two from my posts.

This lesbian Twilight post garnered a lot of comments... and controversy

So ultimately, do I see myself being a professional blogger and just quitting my stressful, full-time advertising job? Lets wait and see. Actually, its up to you, the readers, to determine.


Yffar (^^,) said...

nabasa ko mga comments sa twilight post mo.


ang harsh nila, mga fans talaga oo

Ming Meows said...

ganun talaga pag sikat ang pinatulan. expected na yan. buti na lang di pa ako nakapanood ng twilight. and i have no plans coz i think its boring.

Lesfriendly Girl said...

it was broing, correct ;)

the hardcore twilight fans almost killed my blog ahahaha!

MFL said...

It really is about increasing visibility. Well done is all I can say for starting your own site. The more sites we can get up for lesbians, the better our visibility

Lesbian Movie List is my small contribution.

Gets about a thousand visits a day. Most of them using proxies although there is no porn on the site.

Shows how many people are still in the closet out there

Angelina Alexa said...

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