Growing Gayspeak

by Reign Loleng

Recently, a friend forwarded a text message which supposedly lists the latest additions to the “Badingtionary.” I, almost automatically, forwarded the message to everyone on my list – I dream of a world that accepts baklese as a formal language, demmet!

I am amazed at how the Pinoy gay lingo evolves. I observed that the language is almost 80% dependent on current events and pop culture so a revision is required every six months – at least.

But anyway, here are some of the words that our people recently concocted:

Aglipay – ugly kept man/woman of a foreigner, “ugly Pinoy, ugly Pinay”
Anjanette – “I’m coming!”

Barclay – Baclaran
Bethlehem – testicles

Cadillac – to walk
Chemistry – to joke, BS, kiyeme. So the one how jokes is a Chemist and the joke is Chemical.

Daisy Farm – Philippine Women’s University & J. Nakpil St., a place to pick-up teenage boys as in daisy-sais, daisy siyete…
Difficult – poverty-stricken

Eclipse – to sleep
Exhaust fan – a stupid person

Flat shoes na may takong – yes

Galema – traitor
Hagedorn – tired

Jason Pamintuan – straight-acting gay (this one got me laughing because all the Jason I know is gay.)

King Kong Barbie – effeminate muscular gay man

Lotlot and friends – losers of a contest, especially beauty pageants

Moon Crystal Power – beautiful only at night (Sailormoon truly is a gay icon.)

Narcisa – nurse

Pa-essence – “let me taste” (so pa-experience is obsolete?)
Peninsula – penis

Standard – old gay man (so institution is obsolete?)
Success Story – ugly gay man who hooked up with really hot guy (I think this is a matter of perspective, one man’s success story is another man’s mercy fuck.)

Trixie – tricycle

Voltron – ugly muscular gay man, “baklang maton”

Yema – icky residue after anal intercourse (why?)

If you know any new gay words, please let me know. E-mail me @ Seriously, I’m collecting them.


Ming Meows said...

natawa ako sa ibang words. IMHO, i don't think our gay lingo is a formal language because of technical reasons. For me, it's an art of morphing words.

Lesfriendly Girl said...

sakto, popmax and i just bought baklese 1 and baklese dos over the weekend. its a book full of fil gay lingo. ang dami pa nya, dyos ko, naka2 book na nga sya eh.

I just wish na may tomboyspeak din dito, but sadly all our tomboyspeak came from the gays or was lifted from western lesbian pop culture, like lword

Knoxxy said...

I always wanted to learn the Gay Lingo pero dont hang out many effeminate guys! They kinda scare me a bit.

Mac Callister said...

haha this is funny!
thanks for this,im a "row 4" in terms of gay lingo!as in la ako ka alam alam!hehe

my favorite among these list are:
jason pamintuan!

Geisha said...

i love it! next mission will be application! hahahahhaha :D

Mugen said...

THANKS! May pag-aaralan na naman kaming mga gay terms. Hahaha.

Rein Valdez said...

haha. Ganda naman, talagang may mga terminologies talaga. :)

JC.TSU said...

lolz.. andami na sobrang gay words..

I wonder how one gay can keep up??



Mark Ryan said...

LOL. I don't really want to learn this. quite confusing and just down right funny HAHA

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