BB Gandanghari meets the Bloggers

Bebe Gandanghari at Bloggers meet-up

BB Gandanghari has been visible online through different social networking sites such as plurk, twitter, facebook, flickr and friendster. Because of that, I think that it's about time for her to meet the bloggers.

The event was sponsored by the Philippine Online Chronicles (or P.O.C) and they entitled the event "P.O.C. Presents BB". The event was held at Mag:Net High Street. It was supposed to start at 3:00 pm but it started around 4:30 pm because Bebe just arrived from the airport (I believe that she was with La Gretta in Bohol : ) ) Anyway, this was a great opportunity to ask her questions that we've been dying to know about. It some sort of became a "press con" but instead of the mainstream media being present, it was the bloggers who asked her the questions.

There was a variety of questions from the bloggers: from serious to the very simple ones. She did not hesitate to answer those and was actually confident as she answered them one by one. Once I was done with my question, I actually thanked her for being one of the few icons here in the Philippines as I believe that we lack LGBT icons here.

After the event, we had our individual pictures taken with her and entertained some more questions individually. Since there was free wi-fi there, I grabbed the opportunity to blog on the spot.

You may visit her page at the P.O.C which is


Ming Meows said...

has somebody told her she looks like gina pareño?

Rockerfem Sha said...

onga no ;) at that time wala namang nagsabi nun sa kanya. sinabi lang na kamukha sila ni carmina. sabi niya ok lang yon kasi pareho naman silang maganda hehe.

mrs.j said...

nagregister ako di namna ako nainform hmmm.. i just hope tau maachive natin ang ganito not naman bb rupaul naman! haha

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