My letter to Junior Inquirer and GMA7

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February 21, 2009

That was my letter to Junior Inquirer and GMA7 when I was still 12 years old. At such a young age, I already knew that I was gay. LOLZ!

I was kinda hooked into reading pocketbooks during that time: Sweet Valley, Goosebumps, and many others. But it's Sweet Valley and Goosebumps that I really loved the most. Sweet Valley in particular because I kinda had this small crush with Todd Wilkins, a fictional character in book. Geesh! Haha!

A few months after I wrote that letter to them, GMA 7 bought the rights of Sweet Valley which was, during that time, being shown in the US. They played a few seasons of the show. It was shown every Sunday morning, around 10:30AM. But what I kinda didn't like about what they did with the show was that they had it dubbed in Filipino. Well, I have nothing against my national language, ok. I love it. It's just that...they could've at least preserved the show. As is.

But, nevertheless, it was quite an experience. I've loved GMA 7 since then. I'm not a Kapuso, though. Neither am I a Kapamilya. I think these 2 networks are really undisputed "pillars" of the local entertainment industry and it's just such a waste to support only one of them.

I miss Sweet Valley. There are still Sweet Valley books around, new edition. But they're pretty expensive. Around P300.00 I think. Before, I only bought my Sweet Valley books for about P70.00-P89.00. There are also Goosebumps books in Powebooks but they're also quite expensive. I guess it has something to do with inflation.

Anyway, my point here is that...ever since I was young, I've always loved reading books. read as many books as you can while you're still young. I read Sweet Valley when I was crossing the bridge from being a child to a teenager. And look at what happened to me. Look at what I've become.

GAY! LOLZ! Just kidding.


Geisha said...

hahhahhah natawa naman ako dun sa huling birit! hahaha

yeah ur ryt!

keep it up!


let us all encourage everyone to pls read, read and read

Ming Meows said...

akala ko seryoso kasi jr. inquirer eh.

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