Let the Drag Race Begin!

"RuPaul's Drag Race," the search for the "next superstar drag queen," premiered its first episode on Logo last February 2. And boy, are we in for a ride!

Hosted and produced by legendary drag queen RuPaul, this reality show is a combination of America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, and a little bit of American Idol on the side. The winner, who will earn the title "America's Next Breakthrough Drag Superstar," has to outmodel, outdesign, and outperform all of her competitors.

In the first challenge, the queens were given a limited budget and created a drag outfit using the items sold at a 99-cent store. The bottom two queens were then pitted against each other at a free-for-all lip-sync showdown.

This show is indeed a celebration of the beauty and grace exemplified by these lovely queens. (And I hope it will be shown in the Philippines.)


Yffar (^^,) said...

parang project runway LTE edition.


ang ganda nung jade nung unang pasok, kaso nung nag cat walk na ang laki pala ng katawan, macho!

si ongina naalala ko si jezebel patel sa isang collection niya, yung gawa sa plastics before, ang bongga.

si tammie brown pasweet. hahaha

Momel said...

Aww, since most of us aren't aware of this show yet, why don't they come up with a tagalized version this early on? Its either that or they revive Super Sireyna in Eat Bulaga.

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